The legalization of recreational and medical cannabis use continues to spread in the USA, and countries around the world. These new cannabis laws bring regulations that never existed before in the black market, and are crucial to users. This article focuses on all of the problems that came to light thanks to the legalization of marijuana on a large scale. Learn about the hidden secrets behind the people growing and selling cannabis, and how it can negatively impact a users health. 

Pesticides & Heavy Metals

The cannabis concentrate industry was hit hard with pesticides being reported in many popular brands. These pesticides were discovered from lab test reports being shared by people online.There were really high dangerous amounts of pesticides being reported too, and sometimes many different types. There was actually a class action lawsuit against the company Brass Knuckles, who at one point dominated the market for THC oil cartridges. They have since disappeared almost completely off the map, and have been replaced by companies that provide lab test proof their cannabis oil is clean. 

Unfortunately, pesticides were even found in edibles and of course cannabis. Cannabis laws in California, Colorado, Las Vegas, and others make it mandatory for brands to report lab test results proving their products are clean. The state of Washington is trying to catch up with their own cannabis laws making it required to test for heavy metals and pesticides. But there has been resistance from the growers because it will increase their cost. This is why it’s important to only support cannabis brands that care about their customers enough to prove their products are safe.


The black market only cares about profiting even if it means selling cannabis with mold in it. People have shared pictures online of their cannabis with mold from black market and licensed cannabis brands. Obviously, there is a need for stricter cannabis laws when it comes to people selling a product that can get you sick. 

PGR Weed Can Cause Cancer

Buying from the black market is cheaper because the product is a lot of the time not clean, and can even cause cancer from chemicals used for bigger yeilds. A really good article on PRG weed can be found at, where they explain how to identify it. Once again, the well being of people is disregarded in the black market, which is proof why strict marijuana laws are essential. Now that cannabis is legalized, the truth behind why regulations for it is more apparent than ever. These types of chemicals have been banned for a reason, yet people are misunderstood by the cannabis it produces, and suffer. 

These three reasons above are plenty to only buy from reputable and lab tested cannabis companies. Avoid trying to save money by buying cheap weed from the blackmarket, because it can end up costing a lot more with your health. Sharing this article can help educate a cannabis user and help them avoid hurting themselves.