New Vape Lounge To Open in Windsor

Despite the rhetoric and tactics targeted against vaping, and a change in tune from city officials on allowing Canadians the freedom to vape in public, the popularity in the trend continues. And now another vape lounge is set to open in Windsor, Ontario.

For many medical cannabis users, they sometimes have difficulty finding a place that they can go to smoke in peace. Those who have kids at home or who are not allowed to smoke in the comfort of their home, are going to be looking for another place that will meet there needs. The Vapelated Vapor Lounge, if realized, will establish a setting that will be offering a safe and comfortable place for people to smoke medical marijuana. “I want to set it up like a European cafe,” says Leo Lucier, 46, who is trying to open the business in Windsor.

So far, he says that he has invested around $30,000 into the business and it looks like it’s going to take a bit more. Although it may look pretty bare now, Lucier says that he pretty much has his plans for the lounge up and running. “We’re winging it,” he has said on the matter. So far the location has a few tables, chairs, and an assortment of products like candy and bongs.

Canadian officials may be taking their time with legalization, but the market is showing that it is going to continue moving quickly toward embracing this trend. Lucier says that with his establishment he intends for customers to bring their own cannabis, and there will be no alcohol served, no tobacco, and no minors.