youtube channels to watch when high

5 entertaining youtube channels to watch when you’re high

YouTube has pinnacled as one of the world’s best things to waste time on when you’re so high you can’t possibly do anything else. Here are 5 YouTube channels to watch when you’re high.

Hot ones with Sean Evans

Hot Ones with Sean Evans

First We Feast has propelled itself to YouTube stardom not only with Hot Ones but 5 other popular channels on YouTube. If you’ve yet to check this one out it’s definitely worth the watch. The host, Sean Evans interviews celebrities whether it be musicians, comedians, or actors, and asks them a series of questions while they devour some of the world’s hottest chicken wings. They’ve had everyone on the show from Shia LaBeouf to Natalie Portman, Ashton Kucher, and Kevin Hart (with the most views at 10 million).

Tiny Desk Concerts a youtube channel

Tiny Desk Concerts a well-known youtube channel

National Public Radio’s Tiny Desk concerts are a great way to entertain a crowd when you while smoking up with friends. The premise is a small studio space where musicians play a few songs in front of a live audience. The channel has over 1 billion views on YouTube since January 2008 and has a variety of musicians from Wyclef Jean, Tyler the Creator, Alicia Keys and the most viewed episode, Anderson Paak.

Bad lip reading a funny youtube channel

Bad Lip Reading a youtube channel to tickle your funny bones

This creative channel is sure to liven up your weed party. What began with NFL bad lip reading, where the channels operators dub footage of NFL players to say some of the most ridiculous things you’ve heard has evolved to dubbing popular movies like Star Wars. This channel is downright ridiculous and definitely worth the watch.

Kenny vs Spenny a youtube channel with challenges

Kenny vs Spenny a channel with worth watching challenges

This one is an old-time classic that may bring you back to 2009 on the ShowTime network. Luckily all the episodes are now available on YouTube. The show’s creators, Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice challenge each other in each episode to see who can be victorious. The challenges are anything from who can drink more beer, who can smoke more weed or who can wear an octopus on their head the longest. The loser has to take part in a humiliation chosen by the victor. Short episodes are sure to keep every stoner interested, who wants to commit to a 3-hour movie these days anyway?

Brandi TV

Brandi TV a channel with interesting make-up tutorials

One for the lady stoners, Brandi eats edibles and does make-up tutorials, each episode has its own unique flair to lighten up your day. These are not your average make-up tutorials, she gets high and will attempt to mimic popular characters from movies. The most popular video is when she eats some brownies and puts on makeup to look like Pennywise from It. Give this youtube channel a chance next time your smoking up.

This list holds hours of entertainment sure to get you through your next smoke session. Let us know what you think and comment if you have any other youtube channels to watch when you’re high, that we missed.