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What are ten visually stunning films to pair with cannabis? While these may not be the top ten films of all time, we can guarantee they’re worth checking out. Especially when paired with cannabis.

After all, cannabis heightens sensory perception. It makes colors appear more vibrant, sounds more immersive, and textures more detailed.

Take an already visually captivating film and combine cannabis, and you’re guaranteed a good time.

Some find cannabis helps stimulate their creativity and imagination. When paired with these ten visually stunning films, cannabis can lead you to a deeper appreciation of the artistic aspect of the film, such as its cinematography or storytelling.

Likewise, cannabis (primarily THC) can alter one’s perception of space-time, making it easier to fully immerse in the film’s world.

Cannabis is also known to make users empathetic (and perhaps more emotionally connected to the characters of a movie).

Movies, with or without cannabis, are great ways to unwind and escape from the daily grind. Adding cannabis to the mix is a win-win.

And let’s not forget cannabis can help one achieve a different perspective. Movies you may have seen a hundred times before may feel fresh and exciting when paired with some cannabis.

So, without further ado, let’s list ten visually stunning films you should pair with cannabis.

10 Visually Stunning Films to Pair with Cannabis

Blade Runner 2049

10 Visually Stunning Films to Pair with Cannabis

Topping our ten visually stunning films to pair with cannabis is the 2017 sequel to the original Blade Runner. While many were disappointed with the sequel, especially compared to the original, this list isn’t critiquing storytelling or politically correct messages embedded into the dialogue.

We’ll assume you’re comfortable at home slumped on the couch with a massive LCD only a few feet away. If that’s the case, hit that dab or take a rip from that bong. Blade Runner 2049 offers breathtaking dystopian cityscapes and mesmerizing cinematography.


James Cameron’s 2009 sci-fi epic is known for its groundbreaking use of 3D technology. The story itself is basically Pocahontas and leaves much to be desired. I won’t comment on the sequel, as I have not seen it.

That said, like the above entry, despite what you might think of the story, the visually stunning film pairs nicely with cannabis.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Like Blade Runner, many may prefer the original film. But, again, we’re assuming you’ve got a high-definition television and are looking for a visually stunning movie. In that sense, this Mad Max remake blows the originals out of the water. (In terms of practical effects, that is).

A high-octane, post-apocalyptic action flick featuring jaw-dropping visuals, this is one of those films you want to pair with cannabis, even if the story and character development are weak.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

10 Visually Stunning Films to Pair with Cannabis

You always know when you’re watching a Wes Anderson film. His signature style, meticulously crafted sets, and vibrant color palettes make his films a visual delight.

Bonus: They’re good stories, too. If the above Hollywood action flicks had you rolling your eyes, then The Grand Budapest Hotel is the film for you. Creative, artistic, and visually stunning, this film (really, any Wes Anderson film) makes for a great pairing with cannabis.


This one is a no-brainer, right? Personally, I wasn’t a fan, but I can’t deny the film’s visually stunning effects and how they pair nicely with cannabis.

Christopher Nolan’s space odyssey features realistic visuals of distant planets, black holes, and mind-bending space stations. As far as special effects go, this film is a treat.

And if you find cannabis helps you empathize with the characters, ensure you have a tissue box next to you. This film is incredibly sad.

5 Visually Stunning Films to Pair with Cannabis


10 Visually Stunning Films to Pair with Cannabis

I didn’t think much of the movie the first time I saw it. It was OK, I guess. 

But then I was visiting my parents, who have a giant-ass HD television with surround sound in their dark, cool basement. I knew the storyline of the movie was the kind that rewards a second viewing, so I gave it a re-watch.

Oblivion offers visually stunning cinematography that goes great with cannabis. From breathtaking post-apocalyptic landscapes to futuristic technology that seems only a decade away, cannabis can help intensify your appreciation of these visuals.

You’ll feel like you’re there, exporting the desolate Earth alongside Tom Cruise. If you’re a fan of sci-fi films and cannabis and haven’t checked this one out, don’t hesitate. And as mentioned, there’s a twist that makes a second viewing more enjoyable.


OK, so war movies may not exactly be cannabis-friendly. Especially a war as bloody and pointless as the First World War (with the knowledge that the conflict eventually led to the Second World War and the Holocaust).

But if you can stomach reality – 1917 is a visually stunning war film directed by Sam Mendes. The film uses a “one-shot” technique where the entire movie appears to be shot in a single take. When pairing this visually stunning masterpiece with cannabis, you may feel like experiencing the events in real time with the character.

Regardless, the intricate details in the cinematography, the landscapes, the trenches, and other realistic depictions of World War 1 become even more immersive and awe-inspiring when paired with cannabis.

3 Visually Stunning Films to Pair with Cannabis


Christopher Nolan makes the list again with this mind-bending thriller known for its impressive (and surreal) visual effects.

The film explores dreams and dreams within dreams. Paired with some cannabis, this visually stunning film looks even more captivating. The dream sequences, central to the film, become even more immersive.

As well, cannabis can stimulate creativity and imagination. Watching a film like Inception may have you speculating on the plot and coming up with alternative interpretations. 

The Fall

Tarsem Singh’s fantasy film is a visual feast, with breathtaking landscapes and dreamlike sequences taking viewings on a journey through fantastical worlds. How do you not pair cannabis with this visually stunning film?

As cannabis heightens sensory perception, the film’s elaborate sets, costumes, and landscapes become even more immersive. Like other films in this list, cannabis may deepen your connection with the characters and their emotional journeys.

With its unconventional storytelling and surreal elements, The Fall is a visually stunning film that we feel was made to pair with cannabis. Or at least, it seems that way.

The Best Visually Stunning Film to Pair with Cannabis

2001: A Space Odyssey

10 Visually Stunning Films to Pair with Cannabis

Of course, Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece would be number one on our visually stunning films to pair with cannabis. While the film hits all the same boxes as Interstellar, Kubrick’s 1968 masterpiece didn’t have access to CGI.

What you see in 2001 is the product of innovative techniques. From intricate scale models of spacecraft to traditional animation and a front projection technique known as “Dykstraflex,” Kubrick employed a combination of effects to create a visually stunning film (that is great to pair with cannabis).

Kubrick’s attention to detail should satisfy the cannabis connoisseur who notices these things when pairing cannabis with visually stunning films. 

2001 is renowned for its groundbreaking visual effects and innovative use of cinematography. When paired with cannabis, you may appreciate these visually stunning scenes, especially the third act’s psychedelic sequence.

Since cannabis heightens your auditory perception, the film’s use of classical music (particularly Richard Strauss’s “Also Sprach Zarathustra,”) makes your cannabis pairing even more immersive.

10 Visually Stunning Films to Pair with Cannabis

Of course, these aren’t the only ten visually stunning films to pair with cannabis. They may not even be the best. But they are worth checking out.

What visually stunning films do you like to pair with cannabis? Let us know in the comments below!