4 Must-Try Cannabis-Infused BBQ Sauces for Game Day

One of the most highly anticipated BBQ days of the year is Game Day – the day when two of the best conversational topics possible combine into one ultimate get-together where you can talk about sports and barbecue.

If you are planning a Game Day grilling celebration, up the ante by making your BBQ the talk of the party with new cannabis-infused BBQ sauces. Here are four that you must try that are easily created or purchased in most stores.

1. Mikey V’s 512 Pot Sauce.

Contrary to its name, this sauce is not actually made from the real thing. Instead, it has roasted peppers blended with hemp seeds that combine together to create a mild to medium hot sauce.

The infusion of cannabis into this spicy sauce adds just the right kick and flavor to any meat you choose to throw on your grill.

Hemp seeds are healthy sources of protein, Omegas, fiber and Vitamin E, and are safe to use without concern of false positive drug testing results.

2. Create your own brown sugar honey cannabis BBQ sauce.

Brown sugar and honey together always create a magical recipe that is good for the soul, but taking a pre-made barbecue sauce and adding in a bit of infused honey instead of regular takes it to another level entirely.

You can choose these sauces from store or online, but add in brown sugar and cannabis-infused honey for an extra finger-licking good flavor.

3. Insert cannabis-infused oil to your BBQ sauce recipe.

Cannabis cooking oils are catching on like wildfire. Organic hemp oil and olive oils are easy and relatively inexpensive to buy. You can marinade grilled chicken and other meats in a cannabis-infused olive oil marinade recipe.

A quick and easy favorite can be made by taking two cups of cannabis-infused olive oil and mixing it with seasonings to taste.  Popular seasonings are salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika, and cumin. Add some zest to your marinade by blending this mix with garlic or onions.

After you have made your marinade, place the chicken in a sealable plastic bag, then pour the marinade ingredients into the bag and zip it sealed tightly. Place it flat on a rimmed baking pan and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.

When you are ready to barbecue, take your marinated meat out, rub your barbecue sauce over it, and grill to the perfect temperature for a juicy, tender, cannabis-infused delight.

4. Butter, butter, and more butter.

Part of what makes a barbecue sauce so delicious is when it is mixed with butter to add savory richness. When that butter is actually cannabutter, the flavor is even better.

Hemp seed butter or pure organic cannabis hemp butter is available over the counter in some stores and online. You can take your favorite barbecue sauce and mix it with a ratio of one cup barbecue to one half cup cannabutter to take a great grilling experience and make it excellent.

Take Game Day to the Limit

It’s a day for excitement, loud noises, and fun when a new Game Day winner will be made, but it’s also your chance to shine as a grilling champion.

Take your barbecue skills to the next level and up the ante by infusing your favorite recipes with cannabis. You can throw in honey, oils, butters, or sauces that are already mixed with hemp seeds and cannabis, but whatever you do, it’s a must-have ingredient for your next Game Day BBQ cookout.


Featured image courtesy of yvonne lee harijanto on Unsplash.