Allard et al.: Exclusive John Conroy, QC Interview

As Allard et al. v. Her Majesty the Queen makes its way to its conclusion we have no idea how the courts will decide. But, now matter what, the discourse on the prohibition of cannabis and the state’s refusal to allow safe, effective, and affordable medicine to those in need, will never be the same. It has been an emotional few weeks, to say the least. The man leading the charge in the court for our movement is Mr. John Conroy, QC.

Mr. Conroy is a legend in Canadian jurisprudence. He has spent his career fighting for what is right within the bounds of our constitution. He has forever been on the side of those of us who believe with every ounce of their being that cannabis is a legal and effective medicine that eases pain and pocketbook simultaneously. We are blessed to have him on our side, and emboldened by his commitment and enthusiasm.

Cannabis in Canada’s Jason Wilcox sat down with Mr. Conroy and discussed the progress of Allard et al. v. HMTQ and what the movement does from here, win or lose. This is an engaging and informative interview, and a must-see for anyone who believes not only in ending this prohibition, but in simple and essential rights for all Canadians.

Onward we grow!