Apollo Applied Research Strives to Create Evidence for Medical Cannabis Use

Watch this video as host Alana Kindree visits Apollo Applied Research in Toronto, a clinic focusing on studies related to chronic pain and medical cannabis.

“We understand the intricacies surrounding medical cannabis use, and we are working closely with physicians to build a comprehensive service that eliminates apprehension in this important field,” the company’s website reads.

Apollo president and CEO Bryan Hendin was never that interested in cannabinoids, but after founding a pain-clinic in 2012 he met a patient whose pain was only able to be managed with cannabis

“Unfortunately, every time he used it, he was so high he couldn’t function,” said Hendin. “So he was really stuck with being really high and not in pain or being in pain and being able to function.”

Hendin said he then began asking physicians why cannabis wasn’t being prescribed to patients like the one he had met and was told that there wasn’t enough scientific evidence of its benefits.

“I recognized what was missing, which was that no one was willing to take the initiative and start doing research,”   Hendin said that inspiration led to the creation of Apollo, which is currently currently conducting studies on the relationship between post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain with cannabis.