Government Covid reports are filled with misinformation

Let’s not look at the forecast for Covid, a disease caused by a virus consistently waning in severity. Let’s instead look retrospectively to grade the governing bodies overseeing pandemic responses before they make further decisions. After all, we now know that provinces intentionally published misinformation when documenting Covid case reports to the public.

The grade politicians and regulators receive will, for example, prove value within a recent request from Nova Scotia’s Liberal leader. Iain Rankin wants Nova Scotia to continue reporting daily Covid cases. Yet, does Rankin know how many Covid-19 cases are truly in any other Conservative, Liberal, or Socialist provinces? The answer is likely, no. But let’s get back to that point shortly.

Inept data collection at BC Health and the questions it raised

One particular engine that drove regulatory decisions with public fear was constant case updates. Towards the end of 2021, though, governments admitted their failure. To compensate, authorities turned their focus more exclusively onto hospitalizations, at least in the province of British Columbia. Heath authorities essentially failed to accurately report case data during the latter half of the Delta wave.

Following a six-month-long investigation, the true number of positive Covid cases in BC hospitals during 2021 is finally published herein. Covid shot benefits appear to be wrongly depicted in data from hospitals according to recent emails from BC Government departments alongside an Information Request. Why then, should we allow those authorities to continue reporting cases moving forward?

Covid data hidden from the public

Public Health Officer, Bonnie Henry apologized publically after a leak uncovered secret nuances in Covid data. The leak pertained to discontinued isolations in BC hospitals, to be specific.

Discontinued isolations are simply non-infectious Covid-19 hospitalizations. In other words, the person tests positive for Covid but their symptoms have reduced after 10 days. These cases are entirely private, though. Moreover, the BC Ministry of Health and BC’s Covid Communications team refused to disclose the number of discontinued isolations.

On the day of their response, the Communications team did, however, respond by email to announce that discontinued isolations would be reported soon. But these public reports never occurred. A bigger picture, however, is the percentage of vaccinated versus unvaccinated individuals in that private dataset. Logically, vaccinated individuals should more commonly fall into this private category.

An Information request still has yet to clear misinformation surrounding daily Covid reports in BC.
We have yet to request data on discontinued isolations for any dates in 2022. Data trends suggest those cases fell during January and February but Omicron was a variable.

The true number of BC hospitalizations Covid — ATIP Records

While vaccine data is not recorded for non-infectious cases in the BC Ministry of Health’s system, this author did receive data from the second half of 2021 disclosing the number of non-infectious cases — after six months of investigations. And now, finally, the true number of non-infectious Covid cases in hospitals between June and December of 2021 can be shared publically.

The number of non-infectious Covid cases in BC hospitals from June to December of 2021.

  • June 10 — 208
  • July 8 — 177
  • August 5 — 151
  • August 26 — 108
  • September 9 — 158
  • October 7 — 179
  • November 11 — 288
  • December 16 — 292

As for the Liberal leader of Nova Scotia — what Covid case reports do you want to return to Nova Scotia? Validity was allegedly improved within Covid reports from Nova Scotia. This is because the maritime province was one of the few that did not follow BC, Ontario, and the US’s CDC creating misinformation with Covid cases and discontinued isolations. That said, it cannot be guaranteed that Covid case reports are accurate in any province or country due to limitations with PCR and rapid tests.

Let us know in the comments why you think Health Authorities refuse to disclose certain positive cases to the public? Do you think they are creating misinformation with Covid cases and cooking the books to justify mandates and regulatory changes at their discretion?