Brain Cancer Patient Waiting On Trudeau For Legalization

A 27-year-old man, Dave Murphy, that’s living in Nova Scotia is looking for the right to grow his own cannabis. He is suffering from brain cancer and is appealing to the Prime Minister in order to exercise his right to grow medical cannabis. Murphy says that he wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about the need to grow and he wants to pressure the government to move forward with legislation and efforts to legalize.

Thus far Trudeau and other representatives have insinuated that legalization is going to take some time and they are in no hurry to rush things. But while they are figuring the process out, people are suffering physically and financially, being arrested, dispensaries continue being raided, and more. Murphy himself already has a license which allows him to possess cannabis for medical purposes and he doesn’t understand and questions why he wouldn’t be allowed to grow cannabis on the farm where he lives.In order to know everything that is going into the plant, Murphy would rather have the control over cultivating it on his own property.

Just this year a Federal Court struck down the regulations that restricted the rights of medical patients to grow their own cannabis at home and they have given the government several months to come up with new rules in response. However those who want to use the plant for medication are growing impatient with the tedious legalization time-frame.

Like many who have their medical cannabis license, Murphy relies heavily on mail-order cannabis and he says its too expensive and he doesn’t have the quality or strength that he wants and that is why he wants to grow his own at home to treat his brain cancer. For now he will have to wait on a response from Trudeau as the Liberals continual to struggle along with their plans for further legalization.