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British Columbians are killing BC Bud by buying from licensed retail stores. Of course, it isn’t entirely their fault. Only a few BC Bud growers can get past the bureaucratic hurdles the federal and provincial governments have set up. Going from underground to above-board isn’t as easy as applying for a permit. Farmers have to stop growing and wait for pencil-pushers to approve their farms. They also have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into security and other excessive requirements.

The number of licensed micro-farms in B.C. is well under 100. At the same time, the underground network of farmers is estimated to be tens of thousands. That is why a majority of British Columbians are purchasing from legal sources. At least, that’s what the 2021 B.C. Cannabis Use Survey found after asking 25,000 British Columbians if they’re killing BC Bud.

The 2021 B.C. Cannabis Use Survey

British Columbians are Killing BC Bud

British Columbians are killing BC Bud and its cannabis culture

The report states, “Most people who use cannabis in British Columbia seem to do so responsibly. Findings from this survey did not suggest there have been sharp increases in heavy cannabis use, cannabis-impaired driving, or other potentially risky behaviours since legalization.”

Defining “Risky behaviours” and “cannabis impairment” highlights the dichotomy between BC Bud consumers and public health. It’s unclear how risky behaviours would increase or decrease just because an individual may have phytocannabinoids in their system.

And as we’ve covered elsewhere, cannabis-impaired driving is about as dangerous as driving with kids in the backseat. Fifty-three percent of daily users still drive “under the influence.”

But this shows how effective public health propaganda has become in killing BC Bud. Since legalization, ten percent of respondents said they use cannabis less.

And since legalization, people buying cannabis from an “unlicensed” store has dropped from 56 percent to 17 percent.

However, public health can’t fool medical patients. Due to the restrictive (and possibly illegal) THC limits, the percentage of people buying cannabis from underground sources online has increased by nine percent.

British Columbians Might Not Be Killing BC Bud

British Columbians are Killing BC Bud

This survey asked 25,000 British Columbians if they were killing BC Bud. It didn’t use such blunt language, but that’s the implication. And how many of these respondents answered truthfully?

That’s the problem with this type of research. Its accuracy depends on the truthfulness of the respondents.

As the report states, “These findings suggest that most people are using cannabis responsibly, but there are still some concerns. While this survey provides meaningful insights into how cannabis legalization may have influenced the lives of people living in British Columbia, these findings only scratch the surface.”

That said, while 70% claim to purchase from a legal cannabis store, 40% say they receive their cannabis from a friend or an acquaintance. Translation: BC Bud.

So British Columbians might not be killing BC Bud. And even if they were, you can’t entirely fault consumers when the government restricts the market and tips the scales to a corporate elite.

But at the end of the day, consumers are in charge. And if they’re serious about BC Bud, they’ll boycott the retail stores carrying irritated corporate weed.