Fire and Flower Store

Typically we focus on local small businesses for our spotlight, but recently I travelled out of my area and realized something. I didn’t have much time, or a budget and needed to find a shop with a decent CBD selection. There was no time to run around and price out different places, I was already incredibly anxious and the thought of going into a strange place was not something I was anticipating with excitement.

Thankfully, I’ve shopped before at Fire and Flower in NE Edmonton before. I knew the layout and felt comfortable going somewhere slightly familiar.

Fire and Flower Holdings Corp.

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One of the great things about Fire and Flower Cannabis Co. is the ability to preorder your product so that it’s ready to go when you arrive. 

As a popular place, this is a fantastic option. Although, they tend to run out of stock for the more budget-friendly items. Typically, you could rest assured, however, that the friendly and knowledgeable staff would be able to find you the perfect strain. Members of the rewards program can also get discounts when pre-ordering as well. Who doesn’t enjoy discounts on weed! Important note — The Sparks Perks program is not available in B.C or Yukon.

80 retail locations to serve Canadians

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The convenience of a chain cannot be ignored when travelling. From a unified pricing structure to knowing all stores carry the same brands and products. Before legalization, going to a new town meant some shady business sometimes, never knowing when you’d be able to pick up a bag next since you didn’t know anyone in town. Wherever you travel, you can rest assured that with over 80 corporate-owned locations, Fire and Flower cannabis has your smoke, edible or vape needs covered.

Have you ever tried Fire and Flower Cannabis products? What do you think about them? Let us know in the comments below.