Calgary police chief Roger Chaffin said the federal government’s promise to legalize and regulate cannabis will pose challenges for police.

“I’m not sure society needs another drug,” Chaffin said. “I don’t really believe that it’s in the community’s best interest to introduce another challenge for what it’s like to grow up.”

Chaffin said legalized marijuana will “change the fabric and nature of the community.”

When Justin Trudeau’s Liberal’s were elected, Chaffin didn’t condemn the party’s policy of legalization but said his police force would continue to enforce prohibition until the new laws were enacted.

Chaffin hoped law enforcement would be consulted before cannabis is legalized.

“Policing will hopefully be a voice at the table, but we’ll have to work through it,” Chaffin said. “I’m not fighting the idea of what’s legalized and what’s not, but what’s the impact going to be and how do we manage that?”

The police chief’s biggest issue with the legalization of cannabis is how it will impact road safety.

“My big concern on the policing side and probably for everybody who’s driving, is operating a motor vehicle under the influence,” he said.

Chaffin became Chief Constable of the Calgary Police Service Oct. 19, 2015.

  • Surprised

    He does realize that weed is already in society, right? And that legalizing doesn’t change road deaths, as seen in Colorado?

    “Society doesn’t need a new drug” – about the most ignorant thing I’ve heard law enforcement say. It’s already here and guess what mister prohibition… It’s much much safer than existing legal drugs. By arresting people with legalization on the horizon (and likely amnesty to people with a marijuana arrest), he’s wasting limited tax dollars for absolutely no good reason. Those people he arrests will likely exonerated once legalization takes place.

    So please tell me mister police chief, do you have some sort of personal hate-on? Your arguments sound suspiciously like a SAM presentation.

  • Wayne Jack Maciver

    Pm J. Trudeau was following the will of the people when he mandated Cannabis to be legalized. In essence the police chief is acting as an individual to thwart the will of the people for reasons of ideology. Further more he exceeds his position and jurisdiction when saying such things while wearing a uniform. For reasons of reason this piss poor police chief should be demoted to janitor. He serves self instead of public interests and should by all rights be removed from his position if he does not have the class to resign.

  • knowa1

    He been on the wrong side of history for a while.

  • Mark Bartlett

    With all due respect to the Calgary police chief — where has his head been the last 3 years. Cannabis has been legal in Colorado long enough to know the answer to road safety question — and the answer is that not much has changed with regard to Colorado’s accident/fatality rates. If anything, they have gone down a little, perhaps because people are not getting behind the wheel drunk!

    Doers the Calgary police chief have any idea of the health benefits of cannabis when used responsibly — they are huge! If he is not aware of that, then he needs an education. I am tired of people spouting off when they know very little about the entire subject of cannabis legalization and not just their small sphere … Calgary Police Chief — GET EDUCATED!

  • Surprised
    • Surprised

      Here’s a new petition to end arrests for Cannabis possession in Canada.

  • Monster0us

    How much gets spent trying to enforce the marijuana prohibition? Since I was in high school circa 1983-1987 I recall that marijuana has been around and readily available. It was a simple task to find a dime bag then and it is even an easier task now. Since the 80’s alone how much money has been spent trying to curb the availability of weed to the public? Not to mention the costs of processing and incarcerating people involved on the business side of things. It really doesn’t matter if it is good or bad, or if it will cause more ‘stoned drivers’ (which I doubt) – bottom line is the govt. is pretty much tossing millions (billions?) of dollars into a deep black hole chasing marijuana prohibition. Personally I don’t use the stuff and if it was suddenly legal to buy I still wouldn’t use it – those days are behind me, weed isn’t my thing anymore… I am a professional and make good money, I’d be more enthusiastic if I could buy a few lines of real cocaine to be honest, rather than the bath tub speed crap available in the western world, but since that isn’t going to happen I will stick to the occasional beer or wine and watch my tax dollar go to chasing down mellow stoned happy potheads.