Canadian CMClinic Seeks To Educate Physicians In The Community On Benefits Of Cannabis

With the move to legalize in Canada being dubbed the “green gold rush,” it’s no surprise that many are trying to establish a foot for themselves in the market. Various dispensaries are popping-up across Canada as a growing number of people seek to get involved with cannabis selling.

One Canadian chain, the Cannabinoid Medical Clinic, is now looking to establish itself in Edmonton. The chain was started in Toronto by Dr. Danial Schecter back in 2014 and he now has several facilities under the umbrella. His clinic doesn’t just sell cannabis but it also is going to be providing examinations, evaluations, giving product advice, and more. The patients who come to the clinic must be referred by doctors, says Schecter, and he admits that most of the patients are referred by doctors who don’t have enough expertise to handle treatment in the realm of cannabis. The Cannabinoid Medical Clinic CMClinic, which Danial Schecter is the Executive Director of, was Toronto’s first referral-only medical marijuana clinic.

Currently, there are CMClinic locations in Barrie, Halifax, Ottawa, and Toronto. The CMClinic is the very first of its kind in having doctor referred patients and they strive to provide excellent service when it comes to patient care and cannabis knowledge. Above just providing the cannabis, the CMClinic also seeks to educate their patients on the product, and they also want to try and educate physicians in the community who might not know that much about cannabis and its benefits. They not only provide cannabis but they also do presentations and seminars in order to raise awareness of the therapeutic potential for those who are prescribed cannabis for their medical condition. Schecter says that he is ready to open his new location up in Alberta this year and it’s expected that his first Edmonton establishment will be open by mid-April.