Canadians can finally buy cannabis seeds legally in certain provinces, only two months after cannabis was officially legalized.

Canadians can finally buy cannabis seeds online in select provinces

As reported just over two weeks ago from this update, Canadians are only legally allowed to grow Cannabis from legal seeds, and if you’re thinking  it’d be easy enough to grow your own cannabis with legally obtained seeds (since cannabis was legalized over two months ago)- you’d be wrong.

While the Cannabis Act allows Canadians to grow up to 4 plants (although the specifics vary across the country), it wasn’t until yesterday, Jan. 3, 2018, that news agencies began reporting that the Ontario Cannabis Stores finally began offering seeds for sale- a whopping two strains from licensed producer Tweed.

Your two options are either indica-dominant “Bakerstreet seeds” or a 1:1 THC:CBD strain that Tweed calls “Argyle”. Both the indica seeds and 1:1 THC:CBD sell for $60.

With actual legal access, consumers are finally being given a tiny chance to lawfully break ground and root their own Cannabis into Canadian Soil, but Canadians’ options for legal cannabis seeds still remains extremely limited.

If the province or territory that you reside in does not have seeds available on its online cannabis store, you’re sadly out of luck, as the retailers will only ship to addresses located within their respective areas.

Legal seeds for sale on BC and Alberta cannabis store websites

Cannabis seeds for sale as they appear on the BC Cannabis Store website.

Cannabis seeds also appeared for sale on the cannabis websites for Alberta and BC, and while the selection is the same as listed on the Ontario Cannabis Store website, BC is selling the seeds for slightly cheaper than the $60 being charged in Alberta and Ontario. On the BC Cannabis Store website, both packs of seeds retail for $55.99.

As of writing, the indica-dominant “Bakerstreet seeds” have already sold out on the Alberta Cannabis website.

What about seedlings or clones?

As for clones, BC Cannabis Store confirmed “they will not be handling seedlings” as they have no reasonable means of doing so.

Cannabis retailer Fire and Flower were not able to give insight into their timeline for releasing seeds while also saying it has no plans for selling seedlings, either.

Sadly since the New Year, OCS’ phone lines have closed, seemingly the same as Tweed’s. The Ontario Store’s site stated they do not “yet” carry clones, whether they plan to eventually or not is uncertain.

Stay tuned for updates on seeds sold through more distributors as they become more available across the country.


Featured image courtesy of Leafly


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