Cannabis Goes Virtual – The Potential with Weed Apps

Ever wanted to buy weed on an app? In the future, we might see cannabis go virtual with just that. With looser guidelines, marijuana lovers could potentially buy weed with online apps.

This news regarding cannabis e-commerce comes from recent developments with Apple’s App Store. Back in July, Apple put forth new guidelines around what apps they would and would not allow on their store. One key change allows cannabis dispensaries to submit business-related apps that help ease the purchasing process.

How Cannabis Might Go Virtual

For businesses, Apple’s decision means that the selling of marijuana could become a lot more streamlined. Currently, most dispensaries conduct their business at the store — clients come in, make a purchase, then leave. Though some shops do conduct business online, the restrictions placed by app store guidelines have proven difficult for many. But with Apple’s looser guidelines, dispensaries could start conducting online business without encountering the same restrictions. As a result, dispensaries could start connecting with clientele in new and easier ways. We all know how simple online purchases can be with features like one-click purchases. In due time, buying weed could become much the same.

cannabis goes virtual

As with any new business opportunity, Apple’s guidelines also open the gates for trailblazers looking to set new standards in this new online environment. Within the next year, we can expect an influx of weed apps to start cropping up. There will likely be some initial chaos as businesses try to figure out the best way to do things. But as time goes on, standards will likely emerge, and we might see new industry leaders who have managed to adapt to the demands of online sales.

Weed Apps and Other Online Stores

Though Apple has changed its attitude towards weed apps, the same cannot be said for some of its competitors. Google’s Play Store still retains a ban on any app that facilitates the purchasing or exchange of cannabis. Furthermore, even CBD products are banned, meaning that you can’t even buy anything with hints of cannabis in it. Though it should be noted that Google’s policies date back to 2019, so we might see changes soon.

As for Amazon, changes seem to be imminent. During Q2 2021, the tech giant lobbied the United States’ cannabis legislation. What they exactly lobbied for remains a mystery, but the company also announced their support for the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2021. These developments suggest that Amazon might follow Apple’s steps in deregulating cannabis apps. If this happens, I wouldn’t be surprised if Google follows suit to keep up.