One of the challenges when dealing with a growing website is handling the many varied audience interests and ensuring the site stays relevant to their concerns and desires. As a team, we’ve quickly grown in to the premier news site in Canada for the cannabis industry.

We can’t thank you enough for the support and enthusiasm you’ve shown for our mission! The time has come though, to grow our brand in a way commensurate with our audience.

“Cannabis in Canada” has served us well until now but suffered from a couple major drawbacks that have necessitated a change in branding:

  1. We’re limited to a single country – While we’re all Canadian born-and-raised, Cannabis truly knows no borders. By broadening our scope, we can better cover world issues such as international drug policy from the UN, as well as developments in the USA. By bringing a principled, consumer-oriented perspective to stories we can present them in a manner that’s faithful to our industry and our concerns.
  2. The name “Cannabis in Canada” is not unique to us and has been used other times by other people, most famously in Dana Larsen’s book of the same name. Couple this now with the recent re-branding of the LP-run group CMCIA to “Cannabis Canada” and it’s understandable that some people might get confused as to just who is who.
  3. We were constrained by news content — Cannabis Life Network (“CLN”) grows our potential to reach more people with our message of a lifestyle that is dedicated to cannabis. If cannabis is a part of your life, expect to be able to find something on our site that addresses what matters most to you.

CLN still stands for reason, evidence, and a critical eye cast towards policy makers and corporate insiders whenever and wherever they interfere with your ability to access this life-saving plant. We will continue to entertain, inform, and challenge the public to think about cannabis in new ways that integrate it back in to its proper role in a healthy society.

We’re only just getting started.

Yours truly,

The CLN Team

  • Richard

    “has served us well until now but suffered from a couple major drawbacks that have necessitated a change in branding:”…… More like Ya stole it and now the Rightful owner took ya Ta Court N Beat Yer Sorry Asses!!

  • Richard

    I heard You Dumb Shiets also harass Medical patients Eh !
    Well I’m One ! Here I am !
    Coward’s N Con Artists !!

    • Vikki O’brien

      Good Riddance to BAD rubbish. I can’t believe the BS U put sick and dieing people thru? For what? You knew it wasn’t YOURS J_Who Ever You are?

      Who u Dispensing solutions too??? lmao

      How could you try CinC take off A Man that’s Given his whole life to cannabis? What kind of people do that?

      I hope Karma Bites creeps up and catches your Ass….

      I pray she Has Jaws like a motherfucking Pitbull


  • Kelly Scott Kolodiazny

    You have NEVER been Cannabis in Canada !!! You are ALL a bunch of LIARS !!! You DO NOT represent ANYONE in the Cannabis Industry with ANY Credibility… You STILL refuse to admit that you trying to STEAL the NAME and TRADEMARK of Jason Wilcox DID NOT WORK !!! You had been served with cease and desist letters and ignored them… Now you move on as you continually get called out on it…!!! Not one of you are a “Lisenced Medical Patient” to my knowledge, Which goes to show that you are meerly “Profiteers” in the Marketplace, and could careless about Patients… Budzilla (Rejean Houle) is also NOT a “Patient NOR is Freddie Pritchard (Smoke show)… In fact, those 2 that YOU represent have OPENLY attacked Patients on Social Media..!!! You are ALL a BUNCH of LOSERS !!! Taking advantage of the sick and disabled, You shouild be ASHAMED of yourselves and your actions !!! And I must say your “New” Branding fits quite well… CLN Cannabis LOSER Network.!!! Bunch of FUCKTARDS !!!!

    • Vikki O’brien

      Here here Kelly I couldn’t have said it better myself
      #TapOut #fuktards

  • Richard

    More People should know about them not being Medical and that’s why they do the Stit they do…. They Don’t Care about Medical. ! They Made Their ‘Dirty-bed’s !!”

  • Penny Kozmenski

    The truth always come out in the end !!!

  • Kelly Scott Kolodiazny

    You can delete the TRUTH, But you can’t hide from it ya bunch of losers !!! To remove posts and replies to your BULLSHIT SHOWS you’re hiding the TRUTH !!! Get stuffed !!! Nobody in the Cannabis Community cares for the likes of you’s !!!