An example of all the plastic over-packaging for legal cannabis. Photo courtesy of CBC.

Cannabis packaging, its effect on potency, hemp packaging alternatives, and why we deserve better

You’ve probably heard of, been bothered or intrigued by, followed your nose to, or enjoyed “skunk.” The pungent odor cannabis carries, far different from grass of the past. But do you know how much the packaging can affect your enjoyment of cannabis?

Who Let the Packaging Safeguards Out?

Despite the intense layers of packaging now scrutinized by consumers, it only helps the product if it comes vacuum sealed, not just air tight. Especially since individual portions are separated during excessive processing.

Aromatics will still react, evaporate, and degrade with the air surrounding your product. Taking away some of the plant’s own crucial safeguards against potential negatives ultimately reduce its effect and safety for both medicinal and non-medical users.

The old, tried-and-true method of packaging cannabis from days past. Photo courtesy of Grow Weed Easy.

Too much THC or Too Little Entourage

Potency is often what is feared by many authorities looking purely at a single increasing number- THC. It’s true that acute potency can make cannabis uncomfortable for a few, at least if they don’t know how much is too much.

For some, THC generally leaves them too paranoid due to this one molecule effecting humans differently. For others it’s blissful, so much so cognition is rendered obsolete.

In these cases, individuals may need lower THC levels with more CBD or CBG and specific entourage aromatic essential oils, which depends on for whom it is for and what is desired. Regardless, a wide range of new aromatic blends also goes up with THC, moderating the overall potency while increasing therapeutic potential.

Terpenes: More than Flavor

Terpenes have the ability to moderate the high ranges from either physical or mental stimulation, to calm and relaxed, and all the way to fully sedated.

Example: Those who have their cognition undesirably reduced can incorporate pinene for increasing memory retention However; many need caryophyllene, linalool, and/or limonene in a delicate balance to avoid anxiety, which the exact blend depends on the person. All these aromatics also decide the flavor and is synergistic with their many effects.

Personally, I choose my cannabis by smell. Making my decision more by what I recognize from experience to be my best my fit, rather than on pleasant aromas. Odors and flavors of very sedating or very stimulating varieties greatly intrigue me, although; I am not keen on those effects. This is why I advocate a “nose before the till” option, benefiting the experienced user, instead of having the cannabis already in the packaging without the opportunity to smell the cannabis first.

A look at the various terpenes that can be found in cannabis. Photo courtesy of Rhizo Sciences.

Old Bud Blues

Cannabis low in aromatics and THC may be easier for managing dosage, although you end up consuming more unnecessary plant material. What’s worse is if this product is aged and stored surrounded by any air for these aromatics then can evaporate away or even degrade.

Beyond medicinal benefit, it’s those terpenes that prevent carcinogens in smoke from ever affecting your cells, acting as an army of anti-mutagens, preventing the cannabinoids from ever needing to perform their own magic trick, starving already mutated cells. Both together are best for anti-inflammation, anti-oxidative stress and other neuro regenerative properties useful as an entourage of internal safety mechanisms.

For anyone buying cannabis packaged five months ago, this cannot be said too clearly- now its partially degraded. You may have heard THC degrades into CBN, a powerfully beneficial sedative, although true; it’s best to find it by selecting choice indica genetics in fresher flowers with a very long growth cycle.

Does this cannabis look too old to you? Photo courtesy of Leafly.


A new form of packaging is needed, increasing quality while maintaining a model of professionalism and eliminating waste. I mean, wasn’t the whole argument to “legalize it” so we could also gain access to this wonderful resource in full! We did!

Cannabis just still has main stage, so let us now shine our spotlight to our other friend, hemp. We can literally just be packaging cannabis in itself instead!! No recycling programs needed! Biodegradable, renewable, even opening up an avenue for reducing the massive Cannabis waste by Standard Producers. Giving them a new market to bite into, while bettering our planet!

Victory Is Not a Time to Settle, Money Talks!

The revolution did its job, Weed won! Now it’s time to make our new demands heard and stress the market to follow through and supply us! Our dollar is loud and clear to investors, your decisions our powerful; purchase patterns pave our futures.


Featured image courtesy of CBC.