Cannabis spray helps give Sir Patrick Stewart a hand

One prominent Hollywood star is glad that California voters made it so when the question of recreational cannabis legalization was put on the ballot last November.

Renowned British thespian Sir Patrick Stewart, who is currently promoting the new X-men franchise spinoff Logan, recently confided to Esquire magazine that he now relies on cannabis spray to keep his hands working.

The 76-year-old, who plays an older version of the iconic Professor Charles Xavier who now has a degenerative brain disease, said he struggles with his own physical problems and relies on cannabis to help.

I mean, my main problem is my hands don’t work very well,” he said. “But thanks to cannabis they work much better than they used to. Thanks to the law in California now, it’s just a spray that I put on.”

I’m reflecting on aging anyway, it didn’t take Logan to make me think about that. I think about it everyday. Not all the time. I’m not brooding on it, but I’ve come to a point where the numbers are against you. Physical things [make me feel old]. You get to an age where you go to the doctor, you tell him how old you are and he just shrugs his shoulders and says: ‘Oh, is that it?'”

When asked what he does when back home in England, which still has strict anti-pot laws on the books, he replied: “I can’t answer that question.”

Read the wide-ranging interview with Esquire writer Nick Pope here. Logan opens in theatres March 3.