cannabis trimming

Cannabis Trimming Parties

As a child of the rural Ontario countryside, I witnessed the great undertaking of making Maple Syrup many times.  For some of my neighbors boiling tree sap into syrup was not only a cause for great labour but also a cause for visitors and late night card games that played out like celebrations.  These farmers would harvest sap like this every Spring working their normal tireless pace around the farm by day and then boiling watery sap to silky syrup till late into the night.  Neighbors and relatives alike stopped by to help or deal a hand or two, the game often ending only when someone fell asleep at the table.  

From tapping to collecting, boiling to perfecting, Maple Syrup production is proof that humans and nature can be partners through the seasons.  I see this in other Canadian products too.  Ontario is famous for its Maple Syrup while British Columbia is famous for its Cannabis– or “BC Bud” as it’s also known worldwide.  I’m sure the fall season in B.C. also sees friends and neighbors gather to help with the huge undertaking of harvesting and trimming the many indoor and outdoor Cannabis crops.

I predict this for Ontario and the other provinces too.  Only after the harvest & trim is finished does the celebration begin.  Or did it begin months ago when those seeds first popped?  In fact I really hope that Canadians get creative with their growing and sharing.  Remember cookie exchange parties?  Why not Cannabis exchange parties?  Heck, make it vegetable exchange parties too!  You grow the THC strains and I’ll grow the CBD strains.  I’m currently growing Green Kale with my Cannabis plants!  Each of our medicine cabinets and fridges will have exactly the strains and veggies we need.  

We Cannabis growers are proudly green-thumbed and ready to celebrate the way other Canadians do when harvesting sap or hay or vegetables!  Growing as a way of life is a big part of what speaks to us as Canadians and I really welcome legalization as a way for many of us to get back to our roots and get back to nature.  We may all find that partnership with nature, feels right to us too.