CannaScore Compliance Auditing for Cannabis-Related Businesses, Used By Banks and Financial Institutions

DENVER, Nov. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — CS Compliance Systems (, developers of CannaScore ( – the world’s first real-time regulatory compliance auditing application for the cannabis industry, announced its system is now in use by banks and financial institutions.

The CannaScore Agent program has been used by professional consultants since 2015, to help cannabis-related businesses (CRBs) avoid fines, suspensions, and even loss of a business license. By demonstrating compliance with regulations through the CannaScore Agent program, CRBs can gain access to capital and services from investors, banks, brokers, landlords, lawyers, and CPAs.

The tool also won the Technology of the Year Award in 2015.

CannaScore uses a regulatory compliance database, easy to use interface, a weighted scoring system (like a FICO score), and automated reports to assess a CRB’s compliance with state and local regulations.

Several banks and financial institutions are now using CannaScore to conduct audits of their cannabis-business clients, as mandated in the Cole Memo and finCEN Guidance. One bank official said that using CannaScore enabled his bank to pass its own government audit with ease. The government official conducting the bank audit was reported to say that CannaScore made the audit much smoother and quicker.

CannaScore has systems for companies providing services or capital to the cannabis industry, and an “In-House” program designed to be used by cannabis cultivators, processors, and retailers. Both tools are cloud-based and continually updated with any new regulatory changes.

CannaScore audits are quick and easy to conduct. Once the audit is completed, users receive an email with a detailed audit report and description of each violation, along with photos, notes and corrective measures.

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CS Compliance Systems developed CannaScore – an award winning application that provides real-time compliance auditing, scoring and analysis configured to state and local regulations, examining a wide range of vital business functions. Verified companies receive compliance certifications and scores, giving assurance to regulators, banks, investors, landlords and company management.

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