Connecting Humans: Cannabis and the Future of Medicine with Constance Finley

Constance Finley, the CEO and founder of Constance Therapeutics, tells us the story of how she got into medicinal cannabis and created a company that helped pioneer the cannabis oil and extract industries with unheard of potencies for THC and CBD oils.

It all started back in 2008 when she emptied her wine cellar, put in a few hydroponic trays to grow medicinal cannabis, and realized that that was a far better use of the space. Realizing the huge medicinal potential for extracted cannabis oils, she worked with Rick Simpson, the namesake of the famous Rick Simpson Oil and cannabis extraction pioneer.

2008 was a different time as she remembers having to erase her search history after researching cannabis and the extraction process to avoid the suspicion of the Feds!

In 2012, when she finally had the chance to get the potency of her extractions tested at Steep Hill Labs, they were completely blown away. They had never seen anything that potent and actually had to recalibrate every machine in their lab to test her extracts!

Her doctors began sending her Stage 4 cancer patients, some given only weeks to live, and out of the first 28 patients they sent, 26 went into remission, equalling an unprecedented 90+% survival rate.

She then details how she shifted her focus to becoming a viable business through intellectual property (they have 3 patents) and further standardization of the process.

She also answers questions from the audience, giving her strong opinion on Charlotte’s Web and the Stanley Brothers, speaking on single plant extractions versus blending genetics, and the four parts of the cannabis industry and the space Constance Therapeutics occupies in it.

For all that and more, check out Connecting Humans: Cannabis and the Future of Medicine!