Conservative MP Says “Yes” To Recriminalizing Cannabis

The recent announcement of cannabis legislation being introduced next year has given politicians the chance to respond and let the public know their views on cannabis legalization. A recent is example is conservative MP Kellie Leitch, who has said that if elected prime minister, she would make cannabis illegal again.

“With regards to marijuana, I feel strongly about this. We know this is a dangerous drug that has a huge impact on the developing child brain and adolescent brain.” The MP was formerly a pediatric surgeon, and she feels that the Liberal Party’s legalization of cannabis will bring a risk to children.

Leitch favors the idea of allowing medical use, but only being sold through pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription. Her concern over full legalization is the potential for more children to be exposed to cannabis. “I don’t want to see any child put in harm’s way by having access to a dangerous drug,” she said.

When asked directly in a radio interview whether she would recriminalize recreational cannabis if elected PM, she responded “Yes.” Earlier this year, Leitch accused the Liberals of sending mixed messages on the issue of legalization. She says that after all the effort made to discourage people from smoking cigarettes, the stance on cannabis is at odds with the anti-smoking campaigns.  “Now, the government wants Canadian kids to have access to a drug to smoke — marijuana,” she noted.