Cannabis Crossword – Stoner Movie Trivia Extraordinaire

Today’s cannabis crossword is all about stoner movies! This puzzle includes trivia from films adopted as stoner cult classics and movies that were all about weed in the first place. Get stoned and be ready to play because this one is not as easy as it seems…

1. All these guys want to do is get baked and watch the Shawshank Redemption. 3 Words
2. In this Cheech and Chong movie, they drove a car made out of cannabis. 3 Words
3. They grow a plant from a late friends ashes, smoke it, and end up seeing his ghost. Ghost friend helps them get into Harvard. 2 Words
4. Although it's not a typical stoner movie, Ice Cube and Chris Tucker smoke a lot of weed in this classic. 1 Word
5. Dave Chappelle gives up weed in this stoner movie for a girl named Mary Jane. 2 Words
6. One of the oldest stoner movies out there, this classic was once meant to be taken seriously. 2 Words
7. This heartwarming comedy set in the UK, tells the story of a senior lady with the green thumb, trying to save her estate. 2 Words
8. This legendary stoner dude knows how to chill. 3 Words
9. An inanimate object comes to life and likes to hit the bong. 1 word
10. This classic stoner movie features a monster cast of Alist actors and a whole lot of paddling. 3 Words

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