Dank DNA: Your Personal Roadmap to Cannabis Consumption

Cannabis consumers today have more choices than ever before. Choices like what strain of cannabis to try, different titrates (estimated dosages) to pick from, and the multiple methods to choose from.

The big question many people are left asking is, how do you know what works the best?

For the old school stoner this was a fun task. You simply tried everything you could. Eventually, most people would find what strains they liked, what their tolerance level was, and what method of consumption worked the best. As you can imagine, this can take a while to figure out.

Cannabis can affect each person a little bit differently. This can make it extremely difficult to choose the method of consumption, strains, or titrates that are right for you. It used to be that the only way you could find out what works was by trial and error. The method of trying everything until you find what works is okay for some people but others are looking for a more precise roadmap to cannabis consumption.

Scientific advancements over the last 60+ years in cannabis research have led us to understand more about this miraculous plant than ever before.

Cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG, and others, along with terpenes like linalool, myrcene, and caryophyllene are starting to be understood. These all play a major role in helping to control the symptoms of chronic pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, and more. Lab testing is providing results that are allowing us to better understand the medicine (cannabis) we’re putting into our bodies. We’re also gaining more insightful knowledge on the potential of how cannabis may work with an individual’s specific genetics.

A Roadmap in Your DNA

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your hands on a road map of what cannabis strains would work the best for you? Even more, what if that roadmap suggested the best method or methods of consumption and titrate (dosage) of cannabis you should consume to achieve your desired goal? This is exactly what a product and service I recently discovered called CannaGx does.

This DNA test unlocks knowledge about your health that is stored in your genes. It identifies potential risks and positive outcomes of using cannabis based on your specific DNA. From details on how certain compounds in cannabis can help you live a more pain-free life, to identifying your addiction level to prescription medications, CannaGx provides you with the information you need to make personalized decisions for your health.”-xChemistry DNA

The CannaGx DNA test uses a top of the line certified lab to obtain the results of your test. Molecular Testing Labs™ has been conducting molecular testing for seven years and has every accreditation possible. The information you receive from the xChemistry DNA CannaGx Cheek Swab DNA test can help you to effectively develop a medical cannabis regimen that’s right for you.

Controlling the symptoms of chronic pain, sleep disorders, and anxiety doesn’t have to be a guessing game anymore. Your personalized roadmap to cannabis consumption is waiting for you.

CannaGx Offers a Personalized Road Map to Cannabis Consumption

A friend on LinkedIn, Jill Schmidt, originally introduced me to the CannaGx test. The test is a simple DNA cheek swab that you can perform from the comfort of your home. No doctors or insurance providers are involved and only one test is needed in a lifetime.  CannaGx is the 1st genetic cheek swab test on the market to help determine the best medical cannabis treatments for pain, insomnia, stress, and anxiety based on an individual’s specific genotype.

The CannaGx DNA test also assesses the risks for the following:
  • Metabolism of both THC and CBD (genes specific to product recommendation)
  • Certain addictions (i.e. opioid)
  • Potential interactions with some medications/supplements

The CannaGx DNA test is designed for people wanting to zero-in on relief from medical conditions quickly, safely, and with less expense. Your road map to cannabis consumption is a cheek swab and short time away. Simply follow the instructions with your kit. Once the lab receives your test you’ll have results in 1-3 weeks. The results are sent via a HIPAA compliant email report which is very easy to read and interpret.

Knowledge is power. In this case, that knowledge can help to empower you towards living a higher quality of life. If you’re looking to try cannabis to help with pain, stress, anxiety, or loss of sleep but just aren’t sure where to start, you may what to try CannaGx. You can learn more about the CannaGx DNA cheek swab test and the team by visiting their website at xchemistrydna.com.

To order and receive a discount please use promo code EXPERT JOINTS. For questions contact Jill Schmidt and her lab specialists at info@xchemistry.com. In addition, Jill can be contacted via email at jcs.cuttingedgemed@gmail.com.


Article courtesy of Expert Joints. Written by JamesP from CannaLance (Canna-Lance.com@CannaLance@CannaLancer710)