Davos 2023: Psychedelics & Cannabis

The World Economic Forum (WEF) met in Davos for its 2023 event. This annual conference of elite billionaires, political leaders, and business moguls has become a rite of passage in the world order.

The WEF represents a supranational organization. Undemocratic and with no limits on its power. So? Says the skeptic. It’s an international business conference. What’s the big deal?

But it’s more than that. Klaus Schwab, the Swiss-German university professor who started the Davos meets, has been open about his influence.

The WEF has a Young Global Leaders program. Alums include Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau, and Jacinda Ardern.

Proud we are of all of them.

Klaus says, “what we are very proud of… is that we penetrate the cabinets” of governments worldwide. When Klaus made this comment, half of Trudeau’s cabinet were WEF stooges. I’m sure after Justin’s purge of old guard Liberals, it’s now more than half.

Klaus and the Davos elite talk about “public-private partnerships” that are, in essence, economic fascism. And this isn’t conjecture. Larry Fink was in Davos this week. He also sits on the WEF board of trustees. Fink is CEO of BlackRock, which controls $10 trillion worth of global assets.

Klaus, Fink, and the Davos elite are fairly open about their vision. They’re using wokeism and government power to “force behaviors,” for – what they’ve decided – is the greater good.

Davos 2023: A Threat to the World 

Davos 2023: Psychedelics & Cannabis 
Davos 2023

Suppose Canada is the poster child for the WEF’s “post-national” world. In that case, freezing bank accounts for peaceful protests or losing employment over personal medical decisions is in store.

And, of course, among the Davos elite are the big banks and pharmaceutical companies. Banks that profit from squandering resources and drug companies that profit from our sickness.

That’s where psychedelics come in. Psychedelics took centre stage this week in Davos in an event parallel to the WEF. For a second year, the Davos House of Health focused on psychedelics as a medicine.

One of the panels, “How to save the world: investing in health and the advancement of human consciousness,” claims to provide opportunities for investors and philanthropists.

This about sums up the attitude of the Davos elite. Why legalize psychedelics when you can invest, patent, and profit?

What About Cannabis?

Davos 2023: Psychedelics & Cannabis 

Cannabis was once a massive hit in Davos. 2019 and 2020 saw a “Cannabis House” featuring CEOs’ talks. Talks like “Cannabis in the Capital Markets – What’s Getting Funded Next?” or “The Next Emerging Markets for Cannabis – Navigating Asia and Latin America.”

So more of the same. Nothing about liberalizing the herbs, mushrooms and fungi that help heal. It’s about funding capital. 

And just so we’re clear, this isn’t honest entrepreneurship in a free market. This kind of capitalism is about as open and free as Canada’s legal cannabis market. This is Big Weed ensuring they retain their monopoly power in developing nations. 

For centuries, only elites had wealth. With the arrival of the industrial revolution, purchasing power shifted to the masses. The middle classes sprung up.

So elites used globalization to rob the middle class and decimate them. All the while, they got themselves rich with fraudulent contracts with third-world dictatorships. 

This is what makes supporters (or the apathetic) of Davos and the WEF so infuriating. 

Why would we trust those who have benefited from the system with the task of reforming it? They grew rich and powerful from the status quo. They’re not going to “reset” it. They will continue centralizing power and wealth into their own hands.

A Great Reset Conspiracy Theory?

covid-19 the great reset

But surely, this is all conspiracy theory, right? Never mind that Klaus Schwab wrote a book called COVID-19: The Great Reset, where he argued that the COVID pandemic created a “unique window of opportunity” for global elites to reshape “the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons.”

The WEF announced, “To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative.”

The WEF and Davos elite is about the merger of corporate and state power. They want governments “to partner with traditional and social media companies” to “combat mis- and disinformation” and ensure “that false messages are suppressed.”

And apparently, these “false messages” include any dissent to their “common vision.”

Do you find it alarming that elite corporations are piling into the property market, buying houses en masse to rent out? What is the little guy to do? What chance do they have against Larry Fink’s investment companies with billions of dollars at its disposal? (Not to mention greater political influence).

Perhaps you’re a young adult trying to raise a family, and the Davos elite has bought up every house in your city. And then they tweet out that by 2030, “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.” 

What the hell are you supposed to make of that? Never mind that they claimed this was to show “where we could be heading” and not intended as a “utopia or dream of the future.”

I’m sure Woodrow Wilson didn’t intend for the death of hundreds of millions in World War 2 and the Holocaust. But that was the consequence of the United States entering World War 1.

This is what makes the Davos elite so dangerous. It doesn’t matter whether they’re real-life Bond villains or well-intentioned idiots. The result is the same.

Poverty for us, wealth for them. Servitude for us, freedom for them.

Why We Need A Great Reset 

Klaus Schwab and his Davos cronies call for a “Great Reset of capitalism.” And you know what? They’re right. If you define capitalism as the current system, with its “public-private partnerships,” fiat currency, excessive taxation, and bloated regulatory bureaucracies, then yes, we need a great reset.

The problem is these elite billionaires have been in charge for decades. They’ve had ample time to implement a “great reset,” yet all they’ve done is concentrate more wealth and power into their hands. 

The “Great Reset,” is more of a marketing gimmick. Intended to persuade the average joe that the Davos elite is really on your side. That their interests are your interests.

It’s propaganda, pure and simple. Why would you trust those who have benefited from the system with the task of reforming it?

Consider the themes of the Davos conferences over the years. “Reshaping the world,” “Shaping a Global Architecture,” “Shaping the Global Agenda, “Making a Difference,” “Building the Network Society, “New Direction for Global Leadership.” Or, after the financial crisis in 2008, “Shaping the Post-Crisis World.”

You could make a Davos Conference Name Generator just by combining transitive verbs with nouns. 

The Truth About Davos and the Great Reset

The truth about the Great Reset

The truth about the Great Reset is that there is no great reset. It’s just more of the same concentration of power and wealth in the Davos elite’s hands.

Despite all their conferences and goals to “reshape” the world, they:

  1. Haven’t predicted or stopped any financial crisis since the WEF’s inception in 1971. 
  2. Couldn’t stop the Wuhan virus (Although they did warn about a pandemic right before it happened, they told us nothing about their gain-of-function research).
  3. They couldn’t stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine (they even invited Putin to speak in 2021. So much for cooperation).
  4. Couldn’t predict or stop domestic opposition to their power (i.e. Donald Trump presidency, Brexit, Sri Lanka, Freedom Convoy, etc.)

Despite their grand proclamations and perceived power over the masses, they fail to grasp Hayek’s pretense of knowledge.

All human action is necessarily economic. We live in a world of scarcity. You may think putting “dollars and cents” on everything is barbaric, but that’s like refusing to do basic math when budgeting. Or like ignoring the laws of gravity when building a rocket.

You can ignore the casual-realist laws of human action, but there are consequences. 

The Davos elite believes they can use central planning and intervention to predict and control social, political, and economic outcomes. But the complexity of human affairs makes this impossible for any single person or group. 

Not even the most advanced algorithm knows how to make accurate predictions. And attempts to do so will lead to unintended consequences.

Only individuals can make decisions. Decentralized, market-based approaches to our problems are how humanity advances. 

Why the Davos Elite Need Psychedelics & Cannabis

psychedelics and cannabis

Research suggests that psychedelics can positively impact a person’s perspectives and behaviour. Some studies find psychedelics lead to an increase in openness and a decrease in authoritarian attitudes and aggression.

People who take psychedelics may be more likely to have a greater sense of empathy and interconnectedness with others.

Psychedelics is a promising field in therapy, where some have used LSD or psilocybin for treating depression, PTSD, and substance dependency issues. 

Somebody spike the water at Davos. And while you’re at it, make sure you send Putin and Xi on an inner-worldly trip. 

In the meantime, legalize psychedelics. Not like the elites did with cannabis. Liberalize psychedelics. Make them as legal as potatoes.

Nothing says you’re only in it for the money more than going to Davos and participating in a “Psychedelic Discussion” alongside the World Economic Forum. 

If you genuinely cared about ending suffering, you wouldn’t be rubbing elbows with Klaus Schwab.