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Eureka 93 Inc. Acquires a Health Canada License to Cultivate Cannabis in Ottawa

OTTAWA, Sept. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Eureka 93 Inc. (“Eureka93”) today confirmed it acquired a Health Canada license to cultivate cannabis at its Artiva location in Ottawa on September 20, 2019.

Eureka 93 Inc. Sudden Leadership Change

Subsequently, the company began a restructuring that saw its CEO, entire senior leadership team, and all but one of the directors on its board hand in their resignations as a new team and board was put in place, effective September 21, 2019.

Seann Poli (Canada) and Owen Kenney (U.S.A.) will act as Interim Co-CEO’s and the new Board of Directors will include Kent Hoggan, Owen Kenney, Willie Blocker, and Seann Poli.  The company will seek to fill the remaining board positions in the next few months.

The new leadership team has already begun reaching out to its funding partners, vendors, and core staff to change the direction of the company, putting it on track to revenue as soon as possible.  The leadership team commits to producing a report for its shareholders based upon its findings and implementing a channel of communication that provides far more updates than in the past.

Poli says,

“Our intention is to completely restructure our operations to return the companies Owen Kenney and I co-founded, LiveWell Canada Inc. and Vitality CBD Natural Health Products Inc., which together became Eureka93, to profitability for our shareholders.”

He adds, “Before I resigned, I believed that the foundation of Eureka93 had been solid as the management at that time focused on the pharmaceutical approach.  I chose to pursue interests with other non-competitive cannabis companies focused on science that were ready to become world leaders in their own right. Like many shareholders I later wondered what was impacting my stock. So, together with Owen, we created a new team to bring the company back to its roots and bring value back to its shareholders. We fully intend to right the ship.”

Eureka93 will work with Health Canada through the process of a leadership transition with individuals already approved for the Artiva site. And, it will be comparing hemp-based vs. cannabis-based opportunities that will bring the best value to the company.

Kenny says,

“This enormous undertaking is in its very early days as it will take some time to determine what wasn’t working and what we can do better. The new team is completely committed to being transparent with lenders, shareholders, and regulatory entities. We have exciting opportunities at the Eureka, Montana, plant which we look forward to executing.  We do not underestimate the frustrations of our shareholders. And, we most certainly appreciate their long-standing patience. We fully believe we have a team in place that can rebuild.”

While shareholders are being asked to give the new executive team some time to evaluate business operations. The management is committed to transparency moving forward via communications channels including social media.  The company’s new headquarters will be located at the Artiva site. With the focus, on building a cultivation hub that will be ready to start growing operations in the near future.

About Eureka 93 Inc.

Eureka 93 Inc. (Eureka93) is a vertically integrated life sciences company. It is focused on the extraction, production, and distribution of hemp cannabidiol (CBD). With assets and operations in the United States, as well as in Canada. This multi-faceted company is dedicated to producing the highest-quality products for its customers, including full-plant extract, distillate, and isolate. Leveraging a proprietary extraction process, research, and scientific expertise across its CBD and nutraceutical manufacturing businesses, Eureka93 leads with ingenuity, from the ground up. 

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