Famed Cannabis Attorney Now Facing Disciplinary Hearing

Brian McAllister is a Windsor attorney who is finding himself in trouble with the Law Society of Upper Canada. McAllister is known in the cannabis community as the lawyer who helped get cannabis possession laws temporarily halted back in 2003.

This week he will be facing a disciplinary this week, due to him practicing law after losing his license in November 2013. McAllister’s claim to fame was convincing an Ontario judge and an appeals court judge to drop the possession charges on a teenager from Kingsville. For a period of five months, the legality of cannabis was in question, which lead to protesters smoking in front of police stations and many charges were being dropped in the courts. This event caused the cannabis movement to consider McAllister a hero for what he had accomplished.

A hearing is scheduled for Friday, where McAllister is up against accusations of professional misconduct and failure to respond in a timely manner to the law society’s complaint department. The law society would not give a comment as to what kind of punishment McAllister could be facing.