Flix Anonymous — Episode 40

Steve Stebbing “Stevil Dead” (CKNW and League of Manchildren film critic) and Trevor Dueck (The Daily Hive film critic) have joined forces to bring you Flix Anonymous, a show that brings you a fresh perspective on the cinematic universe, each and every Friday.

This week in new releases Flix looks at Pete’s Dragon, Florence Foster Jenkins, Sausage Party and Anthropoid along with limited releases The Infiltrator, Zoom, Joshy and Weiner.

For this week’s Netflix and VOD recommendations Steve suggests Demolition and Trevor puts forward the David Cross special Making America Great Again.

Trevor says Cross doesn’t get the credit he deserves as a political stand up comedian and that “his comedy has become tighter over the years, maybe not as daring, but he still has some great and funny things to say with some funny and strategic pauses” and that his “take on Donald Trump is fantastic and bold.”

In movie news, Brie Larson has set her directorial debut with he upcoming indie comedy Unicorn Store,  Jared Leto told the press that there’s enough cut Joker footage from ‘Suicide Squad’ to produce a standalone movie and a new Superman movie was announced as in development at Warner Bros.

Flix stoner picks for the week include Session 9 and Stephen King adaptation Stand By Me. During filming, according to co-star Kiefer Sutherland, the cast went to a local fair and bought some cookies that were laced with weed. They found Jerry O’Connel two hours later crying in the park, high as a kite.

Next week, seven movies hit screens next week with Laika Animation’s latest highly anticipated film, the reimagining of a Bible epic and Miles Teller and Jonah Hill in a crazy true story from Hangover director Todd Phillips.

The all lady Wall Street mentioned last week got moved to next week in limited, as well as the best screenplay of this year,the new Joel Kinnaman film and Daniel Radcliffe going undercover as a skinhead.