Former Sawmill Site Being Used To Grow Cannabis

The owner of Meadow Creek Cedar is now using the former sawmill site in order to produce medical cannabis. It is alleged that the owner does have a license for it because of the location being in a supposedly un-zoned area.

As of now it isn’t clear how big the operation is and how many plants the location will be licensed to produce. It is also unclear as to when the business license was granted. The mill has been transformed and outfitted for the growing, there is also a small group of employees involved in working there as well. Some people have worries about the venture though. “I’m concerned about it because of the impact his business person has had on our community in the past,… Medical marijuana is an economic opportunity when it’s done right, or it could be a detriment. This person doesn’t have a positive track record,” said Aimee Watson, region district director of Kaslo.

There are a growing number of individuals across Canada that are looking to get into the business of growing and providing medical cannabis and it looks like the former mill site is going to be a part of that adventure. The mill was purchased by Dale Kooner back in 2005 from a Japanese company. Watson suspects that the business license Kooner obtained for his growing might not be the right one and there are some who are skeptical of how successful this new venture might be.

Watson says that the police have already verified the copy of the license and they say that the number of plants that are being grown on site do match the number on the license. Even though there are some who are wary about the endeavor, Kooner for now appears that he will continue marching forward with his plans.