Green Cross Society’s Rohan Gardner

In this edition of Cannabis in Canada, Founding Director Jason Wilcox sits down once again with the Green Cross Society manager Rohan Gardner to discuss all the recent medical cannabis related news. The Green Cross’ mandate is to “meet the needs of the growing number of medicinal cannabis users by filling the enormous void which in scientific research on this topic.”

In this frank and informed discussion, the two emissaries of the cannabis culture talk about compassion clubs, regulation, the LP-monopoly, a free and fair cannabis market, patient care and so much more. This is the type of conversation that needs to be at the forefront of the end of prohibition.

Rohan’s organization preaches “safe access to cannabis and other herbal preparations free of contamination from pesticides, heavy metals and disease causing bacteria and moulds.” Established in 2005, The Green Cross Society is the second oldest in medical cannabis club in British Columbia. The breadth of their work within activism and study of cannabis is unparalleled, delving into all manners of research and discourse.

The Green Cross prides itself on exploring all manners of the plant and its therapeutic and medicinal virtues. This is the type of club that makes our community stronger and eases patients’ suffering. This is an engaging and informed discussion with two important members of our community.

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