Hamilton Looking To Stop Medical Cannabis Grower

City officials in Hamilton are looking to shut down a licensed medical cannabis grower after they allegedly set up a location without the city’s knowledge. Residents have also been complaining about a “strong smell” of cannabis coming from the location where the grow-op is said to be located. Bylaw officials were allegedly told that the building in question was linked to several federal licenses that permit the legal growing and storage of cannabis. Under the licenses, the individual is permitted to grow hundreds of plants and store roughly 12,000 grams of cannabis.

Kim Coombs, bylaw enforcement manager for the area, says that up until just a month ago the city apparently didn’t know that the growing was happening on the site. They had believed that the building was vacant. The city has now gone and issued a zoning violating notice to the owner. The zoning violating notice is calling for an end to the cannabis production by June 20th and it can carry with it a maximum fine of roughly $50,000 for a corporation’s first conviction on this matter.

The new zoning rules surrounding the cannabis market in Canada don’t allow for such facilities to remain in commercial areas and Coun. Sam Merulla has already said that he will oppose any rezoning efforts. He believes that they aren’t interested in working with the city and remains seemingly adamant that they should be forced out of production.

The police in Hamilton were unable to provide information about the ongoing investigation of the building in question. However, the city said that the police reportedly entered the building and found no evidence that there were any breaches of licenses or any criminal activity.