Guess what?!? It’s 710! Or, to a non-toker… it’s July 10th and no big deal. But, if you like to smoke weed, it is going to be a great day (especially if you are particularly partial to extracts and oils). Today is the day to pull out the fancy dabs you’ve been saving and oil it up. It’s a stoner holiday. Why? You’ll have to play the crossword below to find out. Below that, you’ll find a little inspiration to help you have an awesome day.

Today, it’s all about cannabis concentrates. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and have a very Happy 710!

1. 710 is a stoner holiday because if you flip the number upside down, it spells BLANK.
2. Back in the day, if you wanted to smoke some hash, you fired up the element on your stove and grabbed your butter BLANKS. Plural
3. Another common way that used to be used to smoke hash oil was heating up the end of a BLANK.
4. Oils and extracts are often referred to as BLANKS. Starts with 'C'. Plural
5. If you take a hot dab on a quartz banger, chances are that you'll end up with some BLANK stuck to the inside. Starts with 'C'.
6. When inhaled at the right temperature, jobs can be easier on your BLANKS because they contain less plant material. Plural
7. Bubble hash is often made using a water extraction technique. For it to work, the temperature must be BLANK.
8. CBD BLANK is a common cannabis concentrate but rather than a viscous oil, it comes in BLANK form. Starts with 'P'

710 Dab Game – Baked Beans

Celebrating 710 can mean something different for each of us. It depends on your preference (and what you’re smoking) but, as long as you’re having fun, you’re doing it right. If you are still looking for some inspiration, here’s a game to help point you in the right direction…

Warning: This game is not for the faint of heart (ask Big Lach and Big Puffa). It takes courage, endurance, and some gnarly-tasting jelly beans. 

How to play – Baked Beans:

  • There are 20 different flavors and 10 colors. Each color represents both a bad and good flavor: for example, the white jelly bean could be coconut or spoiled milk. 
  • Get a small box and shake out one bean to eat at a time.
  • You have three passes – If you get a questionable bean and don’t want to take the risk, you have to take a huge indica dab. 
  • If you eat a nasty bean and want to cleanse your palate, you have to take a sativa dab.
  • Set a timer and whoever eats the least amount of beans, loses the game.

Here’s hoping that you enjoyed that cannabis concentrate crossword! It was meant to pump you up for an awesome, oily 710! If you’re looking for more word games, click here for last week’s puzzle about cannabis rights in Canada.