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Health Canada Sucks (And is Killing You)

Health Canada spent most of the 20th century promoting a terrible diet for everyone.

The Lipid hypothesis says saturated fats are bad for you and we should use carbohydrates as our primary source of fuel. This is bunk. 

Governments severely messed up in their health care delivery system by forgetting that prevention is key to ensuring costs don’t exceed out of control.

Don’t treat sick people, keep people from getting sick. 

Perhaps they shouldn’t have listened to lobbyists from the sugar industry.

Think about what separates us from chimps. They’re still in the forest. Feeding off insects and fruits.

We took to the savannah. We fed on animal meat. This fed our brains. We started cooking the animal meat. Our brain power increased.

Meat is the staple of the human diet. Over the course of 23,000 years or so, an agricultural diet has changed us. We can survive growing the plants we’ve genetically modified over generations. 

But do you think hunter-gatherers were eating broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, and kale? All of which we’ve selectively bred from the Brassica oleracea, the wild cabbage plant?

No, they ate animals. 

Some societies, like the Inuit, sustained on animal byproducts alone. There has never been an entirely vegan society that’s lasted generation after generation. 

Of course, there can be one day, through trial and error. That’s the point of evolution. 

But in the meantime, if we eat meat and lots of it, we will be at optimal health.

So what exactly does any of this have to do with cannabis?

Well, if Health Canada can’t get basic biology right, then what hope we do have for cannabis?

Health Canada was wrong in the 20th century, and they’re wrong now.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is only legalizing their own market. It’s open to everyone insomuch that they’re able to compete with the larger players that have already been established.

Many have defected to the other side.

A core group of activists remains. The same ones that were warning about a continuity in government. Harper and Trudeau were two sides of the same coin. It doesn’t matter which party is in power. They work for their own self-interests and pay lip service to the people who, for the most part, aren’t really paying attention until the election rolls around.

Others are lapdogs for the state. Apologists for the big club that most of them aren’t actually in.

Fortunately, the internet is this century’s printing press. It’s still early, but already the dam is already showing signs of wear and tare. There have been leaks.

People have discovered their cannabinoid deficiencies that cannabidiol (or, CBD) resolves.

Others, when told they have “high cholesterol,” and should cut back on meat for vegetables and grains, have opted for second opinions.

State-sponsored woo is still woo.

Health Canada mandates yellow warnings on labels for opioids while demanding a red warning label for cannabis.

A plant that’s never killed anybody. Ever.

Doctors are encouraged to prescribe opioids like candy. Cannabis is called a scourge. A diet leaner on fat on heavier on the carbs is presented as a beacon of good health.

Not all doctors are bad, and some of them are right on the ball. And thanks to the internet, these doctors are easier to find than ever.

For many people, going against conventional wisdom and using CBD and THC for pain and anxiety, while eating what our ancestors ate, is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Health Canada denies a cannabinoid deficiency, ignores all the medical and therapeutic benefits of cannabis, and identifies it only as a “recreational” substance akin to alcohol and tobacco.

They also promote diets that cause heart disease.

Isn’t it about time we abolish health care bureaucracy? Individual and family health really is none of the federal government’s business.