Can a laser bong handle heavy use? Hitoki Interview and Trident V2 Hard Kilometer Review

I smoke a lot of weed and my gear gets gnarly fast. If it’s not durable, well-made, and easy to clean, it’s not going to last for very long. For me to invest in a smoking device, I need to feel confident that it will perform well, regardless of heavy and continuous use. Anything less feels like lighting money on fire and I am sure many stoners can relate. 

Recently, I acquired Hitoki’s Trident V2 laser bong and wrote an in-depth product review. To me, the V2 is impressive and it’s everything that I need. But, how long will this good thing last? In order to be worthy of the five hundred USD price tag, it has to be able to handle hard kilometers. Just how resilient and solid could a laser bong possibly be? Faced with this burning question, I dove headfirst into some heavy research; I interviewed the Hitoki team to find out what the instructions don’t tell you… I also put some hard miles on my laser bong. Here is a hard kilometer review of the Trident V2 and key points from the interview with Hitoki’s creative team. 

Concentrates and hash

The instruction manual won’t tell you this but you can totally use this laser bong to smoke hash. It’s also great for cannabis concentrates. To do this successfully, you need to create a little bed of busted-up flower to catch any melting extracts. The temperature of the laser hits a simultaneous sweet spot; basically, it can combust both the flower and vaporize the concentrate at the same time.

Hard Kilometers

I am a klutz, especially with little finicky things that require precision; according to my father, I could never eat dinner with the Queen. Thankfully, this device can handle someone like me. It’s made of metal, ceramic, and acrylic material and can withstand being knocked off a table. Made to be durable and easy to use, it’s completely possible to load it and toke using only one hand. 

An ideal device to take outdoors, its closed design protects the inner workings from the elements. This laser bong makes smoking weed possible in the craziest of circumstances. You could be on a sandy beach on a windy day or at an outdoor concert in the rain, this thing wouldn’t let you down. Although it wouldn’t be ideal, you could technically use it in a mosh pit. This bong is nearly unbreakable.

Broken laser bong – the replacement process

…So, I managed to break my unbreakable bong (ugh). The moment I realized my V2 was no more, a piece of my heart broke as well. In a very short time, the device had become a part of my routine and its absence was immediately felt. 

Being in Canada, the idea of processing an American warranty through the mail seemed quite daunting. It turns out that I had nothing to worry about because Hitoki’s replacement department is really on their game. They sent me a return label for the broken equipment and a brand new device. The entire warranty process was super easy and took little effort on my part; all I had to do was send an email to the company and let them know what was going on. They took it from there and that alone made it worth the price.

Secrets of Hitoki’s Trident V2 Laser Bong – An Interview with the Creation Team

Despite all the extensive research, a few burning questions still lingered in my mind. I couldn’t find any answers anywhere so I decided to go straight to the source. Lucky for me, the company was kind enough to oblige my curiosity. Their responses were interesting and well worth sharing.

With the Trident V2, you can fire up bowl after bowl, refill it immediately and never burn your fingers. It seems like there is no need to wait for the bowl to cool down. How is it that the flower bowl never seems to change in temperature? Is that just because of the ceramic material? What’s going on with the heat transfer (or lack of it)?

Great question! I would say that it’s due to the ceramic material. However, the flared section on the outside of the loading chamber moves the heat away. If you touch the bottom of the loading chamber after a session it will be warm but the top is cool to the touch!

How did your company come up with such a cool idea? Where did the laser idea come from?

I was thinking about different methods of consumption, the thought of smoking with lasers came to mind. I imagined how it would look, the experience and function, but the way the lasers came to mind was through happenstance. 

When Jack and I were in elementary school we would buy laser pointers from a dollar store. The pointers had caps you could replace and each cap would shine out a picture of an object. It started our fascination with lasers, so much so I would even buy them to sell to classmates. Fast forward, I sat with Jack one day in the garage and shared my new idea with him. We both agreed my idea had great potential so we decided to get started. That is how the idea of lasers and entering the cannabis industry came together for us.

What is the actual temperature of the laser (or ballpark)?

The Trident can reach up to 800 degrees and has 3 power settings low, medium, and high.

Final verdict 

Spending five hundred USD on a cannabis smoking device is a pretty big decision. To an infrequent pot smoker, this type of purchase might scream hype overkill; but for a heavy stoner, it’s an entirely different matter. Hitoki’s Trident V2 Laser Bong is an extremely efficient piece of equipment and can hold up through heavy use. If you are looking for a way to switch up your routine and want to invest in a quality piece, it’s well worth considering. Plus if it breaks, Hitoki’s got your back.