How Many Leaves Does a Female Cannabis Plant Have

How Many Leaves Does a Female Cannabis Plant Have?

The number of leaves on a cannabis plant is not a straightforward endeavour. In fact, the biological sex of the cannabis plant can determine the attractiveness to growers and prospective harvesters.

Cannabis is a sophisticated subject matter. All way down to simple questions, “How many leaves does a female cannabis plant have?”

Male Versus Female

The female crops are the only cannabis crop that produces bud mostly used for medicinal purposes. The question as to the number of leaves per female cannabis plant can seem straightforward.

However, the number of leaves is variable. Same with the sex differentiation of the plants. The stalks of the female cannabis plants are less sturdy, skinnier. The males are thicker and hardier. The males have fewer leaves than the female plants.

Both have bulbs, but the females have translucent hairs on theirs. These will release pollen. Hermaphrodite cannabis plants exist. But these are treated as if male, regardless. They can grow both sex organs of the plants.

Female cannabis plants are desirable plants for users. Now, to the issue at hand, what about the traits of the leaves?

Leaf Fingers

The number of leaves of the female cannabis plant will differ from the male cannabis plant. However, the first six weeks of life for a cannabis plant, male or female, will be indistinguishable one from the other.

Also, it will depend on the species of the cannabis plant for the look of them when comparing, for example, Sativa, Indica, or Ruderalis. Furthermore, you shouldn’t confuse the fingers on the leaves with the count of the leaves.

Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis, strains have different kinds of leaves. Sativa is elongated with nine pointy points. Indica is like a fan with seven points. Ruderalis is shorter and puffier than either Sativa or Indica.

Female Plant Leaf Count

Once past the potential confusion of the fingers per leaf or the female/male/hermaphrodite sex differentiation, or lack thereof, you can count leaves. The number of leaves will differ by strain and by sex. Typically, though, the number of fingers per leaf can be 5 or 7 up to 13 at the extreme end.  

Presumably, if a Sativa female cannabis plant, it will have more leaves and fingers per leaf than a Indica male cannabis plant, on average.

So, the math of leaves per plant – per female plant – is not straightforward. Because cannabis minutiae is a complex subject matter.

Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash