How to Make Your Own Cheap Cannabis Suppository Molds

Times are changing and so are the ways the average person is beginning to look at their health. With affordable, accessible healthcare continuing to be a global issue, more and more people are turning to the natural remedies available and some are having miraculous results.

There are few topics out there that can be more uncomfortable to talk about than cannabis suppositories. But, as more and more people are having positive results treating a variety of illnesses, comfort levels are starting to grow.

As a budtender, the most common complaints I hear are that there is a lack of availability when it comes to variety in dosing. It’s totally understandable that anyone treating a medical illness would like to personalize that treatment and, out of every cannabis product out there, I believe this is hardest to do for a variety of reasons.

For one thing, most people just don’t want to talk about it because it is really awkward and extremely private. Not only can it be embarrassing to ask your budtender questions about suppositories, the concern over who might be eavesdropping is enough to make most people not want to broach this sensitive subject.

In the past, the lack of popularity made suppositories stay on the shelves and that doesn’t exactly encourage dispensaries to source more variety for patients. Furthermore, because the method of ingestion is so personal, many people want to have the option of making their own and customizing their medicine more so than with other products. Several producers and excellent companies are also more and more interested in making suppositories as their benefits are becoming known but no one can find any molds!

Here’s a cheap and easy way to make perfect suppository molds every time! Please keep in mind that we’re not encouraging anyone to begin making their own cannabis products without lab testing. This is strictly about the delivery method, not what’s in the suppositories themselves, due to the difficulty in finding molds.

What you will need:

20170119_161725– Parchment paper or wax paper – approx. $1.25 a roll at the dollar store

– Tape: medical or strong clear tape

– A small water glass, mug or jar

– A pair of scissors






1. Cut a 4 inch strip of tape and set aside

2. Cut a 3 inch square out of the parchment paper.


3. Place your finger over one corner of the paper and begin rolling the other edges into the shape of a paper cone. The width of your cone will determine the width of your suppository.




4. Place the tape sticky side up on the seam of the paper cone to seal it.




5. Poke a long, narrow object like a pen or chopstick inside the cone to brace against the seam. Firmly set the seam.



6. Cut off any excess paper but leave at lease an inch above the tape to twist closed.


5, Stand your mold up in the small cup with the pointed end down. When you have made the amount of molds you would like, pour your mix into each one and place the cup in the fridge or freezer.


6. Wait 10-15 minutes for the mix to semi harden. Twist the remaining paper at the top for cleanliness and security.

Tip – You can also use your fingers to soften any edges or shape your suppository at this point.

These molds are very easy to make, affordable and all you have to do is unwrap your suppository and throw out the paper. The trickiest thing about them is getting a tape that will stick well to your paper so that the entire thing is sealed. However, as long as your pour your mold when they are standing up in a cup, you will always be able to catch any run-off.

A lot of people have major concerns ordering molds from online and often don’t try something that can make a giant difference regarding their health. It is my pleasure to share this mold with you as I have made it often and know that it works.

Best of health, love, luck and happiness to you.