Is “cannabis-induced psychosis” just Reefer Madness 2.0?

This article is entirely my opinion. I see the topic marijuana-induced psychosis come up from time to time and now it’s back in the news again. This time Dr. Marc Siegel talks about it and explains why it’s on the rise. Dr. Siegel believes that marijuana as he calls it, not cannabis (“the plant’s actual name”), has become stronger over the years. He refers to marijuana as containing a highly potent chemical, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and it (being THC) having strong psychological effects.

Just for the record (please correct me if I’m wrong) cannabis doesn’t contain THC, it contains THCa. It isn’t until decarboxylation (heating above 200 degrees Fahrenheit for a set amount of time) that THCa is converted into THC. Since we’re analyzing THC as the cause of psychosis lets at least be professional and clear by saying that smoked or activated cannabis contains THC. The Fox news story covering this topic quotes Dr. Marc Siegel as saying:

“Heavy pot smoking has now been linked to this strange syndrome”.

The strange syndrome is what Doc Siegel calls “marijuana-induced psychosis.”  Hey doc, people can get higher concentrations of THC by eating it. Just telling you in case you didn’t know.

Marijuana Induced Psychosis My Ass

I’m sorry but “Heavy pot smoking has now been linked to this strange syndrome called “marijuana-induced psychosis” is what I call reefer madness and bullshit. These medical professionals blame paranoia and psychosis on THC. Paranoia comes from prohibition and the fear of going to prison over having a fucking plant in our possession. The only time you see psychotic behavior from most of us is when they take our weed away.

They want to take away our plants and fill us with pills at every chance. Percocet, Vicodin, Adderall, Valium, Xanax, Oxycontin, Trazodone, Fentanyl, Sugar, Amitriptyline, Phenobarbital, Paxil, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Soma, Suboxone, Methadone, Zyprexa, Chantix… these are the sources of psychosis and mental disorders if you ask me, not the treatment.

To help fear-mongering with reefer madness, a British medical journal by the name of the Lancet published what I like to call a POS (piece of shit) report stating that “20% of new cases of psychotic disorder across all our sites could have been prevented if daily use of cannabis had been abolished.” 

This so-called controlled test study did not factor in previous mental health conditions or hereditary disorders. It did not factor in other substances of abuse such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, porn, being a physician, or chocolate which by the way all have a list of proven adverse health effects and all of the above mentioned can and have killed people.

Marijuana-induced psychosis and marijuana hyperemesis syndrome, in my opinion, is an excellent way for the medical community to fear monger citizens into continuing to stock their med cabinet full of pills.  Take a look at the addiction rate and abuse rate when it comes to prescription drugs. How many people die each year from prescription drug abuse? How many people enter into rehab for prescription drug addiction?

Now take a look at how many people die each year from cannabis. Try to find statistics for people who willingly enter rehab for cannabis addiction. Generally, the only reason rehab for cannabis exist is because it’s court ordered.

Point Your Finger Somewhere Else Other than Up Cannabis’s Ass Doc

Perhaps cannabis is not to blame for a sudden surge in mental health issues. Maybe there have been mental health issues all along. Most anyone who lives in America can tell you that the mental health system in our country has failed patients. Doctors cling to Draconian practices of prescribing pills that kill when another option of natural plant medicine that heals exist. Not all medication is bad medicine. Not all pharmaceutical medicine needs to be thrown away in about list. The medical community does need to learn that their perception of cannabis is limited by a lack of understanding of how the plant works.

While they try to isolate what compound does what in my opinion science is missing out on the best things about the herb and that is sharing bud with a bud. Instead of the medical community picturing a doped-up world in a pill crazed daze, try picturing a motivated society cultivating a multibillion-dollar industry while blazing Haze. Marijuana-induced psychosis… bullshit I say, it’s more like medically induced prescription paranoia facilitating the promotion of prescription drug addiction and psychosis.

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