Cannabis for your pet

Is CBD Oil Safe For Your Dog or Cat?

Just like humans, many of our furry companions like dogs and cats suffer with anxiety, arthritis, cancer and other health conditions. Similarly, we know that research and anecdotal reports show how CBD can help with lots of our everyday struggles. Yet, many are still unaware if CBD oil is safe for their dog or cat. Good news — it is!

Why are pet owners giving their Cat or Dog CBD oil? 

CBD oil
Photo by: Laryssa Suaid

When you hear about pet owners giving their animals cannabis, they are almost positively referring to CBD (Cannabidiol). It’s important not to give animals any products with THC without consulting a professional. Dogs especially have significantly more cannabinoid receptors in their brain which makes them extremely susceptible to the psychoactive and negative effects of THC.

The positive impact of CBD is well known for treating seizures, pain, mood and more, but many are still surprised to learn it can benefit their pets as well.


A veterinary information network survey found that 80 percent of vets using CBD in clinical trails said that it was helpful for chronic pain. Sixty five percent said it was helpful with anxiety. Over 80 percent vets said there were no reports of adverse side effects beside the cat or dog being sleepy. As the owner of an anxious rescue dog, her CBD treats are essential for long trips or approaching situations that trigger her anxiety.

Additionally, Stephanie McGrath DVM, Neurologist at Colorado state university says, “We saw a correlation between how high the levels of CBD where in these dogs with how great the seizure reduction was.” The results are promising, and they are hoping in the future CBD will be an alternative to existing anti-convulsive drugs.

Over the last few years, pet parents are seeing the difference that CBD oil makes in their pets for a myriad of different issues.

CBD Oil for Pet Anxiety

Based on human studies, we already know CBD improves anxiety, and the same goes for your pet. If you have an anxious dog, CBD oil can help keep your dog calm.

Treating Arthritis with CBD

CBD helps with the inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. Larger and older dogs are particularly susceptible to arthritis, but it can also affect cats.


CBD may help with chemotherapy related nausea and is an excellent addition to a pain management plan. CBD also has decreased the size in some pet’s tumours. 


CBD products have helped decrease the number of seizures your pet might have. 89 percent of dogs and cats who take CBD oil have fewer seizures than the ones who don’t.

CBD Oil for Skin Disorders

Some animals suffer from rashes and yeast, making them itchy and when they scratch at it, they only make it worse. Allergies or bacteria cause some of this. Which invades their fur, causing all kinds of skin disease. CBD can help repair this layer and they will feel a lot better. 

Is CBD Oil Safe for your dog or cat
Photo by: Tehmasip Khan

Precautions before giving your pet CBD oil

Is CBD oil safe for your cat or dog? It depends how you use or administer it. As mentioned earlier, THC can be toxic for animals and is best used only under the advice of a professional. So it is important to being giving them the right CBD oil that doesn’t contain THC.  

Also, CBD oil can contain harmful ingredients for us humans and can be worse for your fur baby, so make sure you are buying your oil from a trusted source.