Bill Gates & Justin Trudeau
Bill Gates and Justin Trudeau on stage together.

Is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau guilty of treason? The Criminal Code defines “high treason” as someone who attempts to overthrow the state or aids its enemies. A person commits “treason” who:

a) uses force or violence for the purpose of overthrowing the government of Canada or a province,

b) discloses, without lawful authority, military or scientific material to agents of a foreign state, if he or she knows or should know that the material may be used to impair Canada’s safety or defence,

or c) engages in certain listed conspiracies or attempted offences.

These “listed conspiracies” include intimidating Parliament, sabotage, and incitement to mutiny and sedition.

So is Justin Trudeau guilty of these crimes? Let’s examine his record.

But… But… He Legalized Cannabis!

Justin Trudeau guilty of treason

Justin Trudeau did not legalize cannabis. Thousands of activists, growers, consumers and business owners legalized cannabis. From the late 1990s onward, British Columbia‘s cannabis scene became less dominated by criminal gangs. Peaceful people who loved the plant engaged in the underground economy. “BC Bud” became world-renowned for its quality and potency.

Producing billions of untaxed dollars every year, the government of Canada could no longer ignore the golden goose. And like in the fairy tale, the farmer got greedy. Instead of opening up Canada’s cannabis economy to market forces, the Trudeau government took a top-down authoritarian approach.

They treated the legalization of cannabis as a public health scare, something only they could manage. In reality, government mismanagement of the cannabis file has resulted in far more plastic waste than necessary. CBD, which has all kinds of health and industry benefits, remains tightly controlled and regulated.

Far from using cannabis as the foundation of a new green economy, Justin Trudeau used cannabis legalization as an excuse to line the pockets of corporate billionaires. The small mom-and-pops of BC are still illegal unless they’re willing to play ball.

That’s not legalization. That’s extortion 101.

The Case for Treason

Justin Trudeau became prime minister in 2015. During the election, the opposition ran a campaign that the young Liberal leader was “just not ready.” This seems to be the case. Consider the things he’s done since taking over the PMO.

  1. Threatening to use the military on a peaceful protest
  2. His persistence that the CRTC regulate and censor the Internet
  3. Jacking up fuel prices with carbon taxes
  4. Forcing provinces to price carbon, despite it being the basis of Alberta‘s economy (a province that virtually never elects Liberals)
  5. Unable to provide clean water to Indian reserves despite continued promises to do so
  6. Admitting that he doesn’t think about monetary policy at a time when inflation is at record highs. He says he prefers to think about “Canadian families.” It’s clear Justin Trudeau doesn’t understand how the economy works.
  7. Speaking of which, he claimed budgets will balance themselves. He threw Canada back into the red long before COVID.
  8. Over two dozen Christian churches have been victims of arson. Not a single word from Trudeau. But he’ll go on about the “residential schools mass graves” hypothesis as if it’s established fact.
  9. WE scandal
  10. SNC scandal
  11. Blackface scandals
  12. Claiming to be a “feminist” but then ousted two high-profile female ministers when they called him out on his corruption
  13. Ethics convictions
  14. Couldn’t even pick a Governor-General who wasn’t toxic and verbally abusive.
  15. Appointed Vice Admiral Art McDonald as Chief of the Defence Staff, which lasted less than a month when McDonald had to step aside amid a military police investigation.
  16. Blamed the US when Iran shot down a plane with Canadians on it
  17. Bringing in a record amount of immigration despite housing shortages and the fact that many skilled immigrants are unable to find work in their fields due to our political bureaucracy.
  18. Ignoring the rail blockades in early 2020
  19. Attempted to end 180 years of responsible government by declaring “emergency spending” powers during the covid pandemic.
  20. Failed UN seat
  21. Vacations to questionable spots with questionable people at questionable times. On the taxpayer dime.
  22. “Peoplekind”
  23. Elbowing a female MP in the House
  24. Claims of harassment from multiple women
  25. Allowing Chinese agents into Canada’s virology lab and then blocking all attempts by Parliament to investigate it
  26. Admiration for China’s “basic dictatorship.”
  27. Vaccine mandates, including for entry into parliament
  28. No new Navy ships or militarization of the Arctic, leaving the door wide open for Russian occupation (which has already begun).
  29. Subsidizing the media to the tune of $600 million as a means of controlling the narrative (case in point, Trudeau was apparently “joking” about how much the government has subsidized the media in this country).
  30. Omar Khadr payout of $10.5 million
  31. His India entourage included Jaspal Atwal, a convicted terrorist and attempted murderer
  32. Abandoning the “Micheals” in China
  33. Wanting to secure covid vaccines exclusively from China, then failing to close the deal.
  34. Vowing to ban plastic despite his cannabis industry creating all new types of it
  35. Millions unemployed
  36. Illegally tracking 33 million Canadians via their cell phones
  37. Taking nearly 500 people with him to the Paris Summit
  38. Flying around the world in a private jet espousing how “we” need to reduce our carbon emissions.
  39. Cronyism and nepotism. For example, Trudeau’s government paid $84M to a firm employing his Chief of Staff’s husband to manage a rent assistance aid program
  40. COVID internment camps and any reference to them as “harmful misinformation.”
  41. Referring to his political opponents as racist and sexist… instead of, ya know, human beings with different views on government’s proper role in society.
  42. Reopening Roxham Road to illegal border crossers
  43. Not investigating the obvious Chinese influence in the 2021 federal election (probably because it benefited them and cost the Conservatives valuable seats in British Columbia).
  44. Billions missing and wasted in infrastructure spending
  45. Sending 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment to China during the covid pandemic.
  46. Taking a knee during the black lives matter protest, exactly one week after telling Canadians that the pandemic is not over and that they should not leave their homes.
  47. Suspension of parliament in favour of press conferences outside his cottage
  48. Refusing to live in the prime minister’s traditional place of residence
  49. At least $713 billion in debt. $75.9 million spent every single day. Most of it in the form of interest payments. Yet, this clown thinks spending more will help future generations
  50. Refusing to build pipelines and flesh out Canada’s oil industry. So that in the end, the world, and especially Europe, must rely on authoritarian regimes in Russia and Saudi Arabia for their energy needs.

So is Justin Trudeau guilty of treason?

So is Justin Trudeau guilty of treason? That’s just a list of 50 things. I’m sure there’s plenty more. How many of those sound treacherous to you?

The fact Trudeau tried to undermine responsible government is enough evidence for me. Both English and French Canadians rebelled against their ruling elites in 1837. In response, the English overlords send Lord Durham to investigate what caused the rebellion.

In his recommendation, he said governments of the colonies should not be able to spend or levy taxes without the consent of an elected house. That is what is known as “responsible government.” This is what Trudeau attempted to undermine in 2020. And if he had a majority government, he would have gotten away with it too.

That, at least for me, makes Justin Trudeau guilty of treason.