Canada’s “Princess of Pot” has been dethroned.

After her recent arrest along with husband Marc at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport as part of a sting operation targeting Cannabis Culture outlets across the country, Jodie Emery has been set free but with cruel and unusual bail conditions.

Including giving up her life’s work with Cannabis Culture.

In a Facebook post, she recounted her ordeal to supporters:

“I’m finally free, along with my beloved husband and friends, after I spent two long nights in remand and then a women’s jail here in Toronto. It was horrific and degrading and unjust, being stripped naked twice, caged in numerous cells, and put through that entire ordeal but now I know first-hand what so many hundreds of thousands of people have suffered and experienced at the hands of sadistic prohibitionists.”

In order to be released on bail, I am no longer allowed to be the owner and operator of Cannabis Culture — including the magazine, headshops, and vapour lounges. I cannot attend any location, not even our 307 West Hastings Street headquarters, where I’ve spent 13 years devoting my life 100% to ending cannabis prohibition and the drug war worldwide. My advocacy won’t end. My activism won’t stop. But it will all be done as the individual Jodie Emery, not as part of Cannabis Culture, which utterly breaks my heart.

We have had everything taken from us by these actions of the Toronto Drug Squad, Toronto Police, and the Trudeau Liberal government but we have survived cruel injustices before, and we will survive this massive effort to destroy us and our hard work. And I know I can live in peace, knowing that we have NEVER hurt anyone — it’s the prohibitionist government and police who have hurt and even killed millions of people in their drug war — and knowing our decades of activism work has helped millions of people worldwide. The aggressors and oppressors are the evil-doers… we’ve only every been peaceful and passionate in our campaign for true cannabis freedom.

Tomorrow, we hope to get phones so we can speak with family, friends and loved ones. For now, I want to say thank you to everyone who supports us, and I promise that I will NEVER stop pushing for liberty for our people, our culture, and our plant. That’s been the goal all along, even those long hard years of Marc’s 2005-2014 extradition battle and imprisonment, when we had next to nothing, but still gave our all to the marijuana legalization movement.

Sending love to everyone who fights alongside us for freedom.”

  • Lori

    My heart goes out to Jodie and Marc for the unjust treatment they received from Toronto Police in the name of Project Gator. To be strip searched twice and put in a jail cell to await Bail seems a little severe seeing as you were not busted for carrying on your person but dragged away from your flight due to CC raids. This heavy handed approach by Police need to change. Fines could be handed out, better yet taxes should be collected. The Prohibitionist mindset continues and the industry will thrive underground as it always has no matter what the government decides legalization should look like. You are both Cannabis Heroes and I truly appreciate the battle you wage on behalf of the 420Community in the name of personal choice and freedom surrounding this purposefully misunderstood plant..

  • Francis Janik

    Jodi and Marc, I met you in Boston on the common. We Americans stood with you then against our government’s unjust action against Marc. We stand with you now!

  • thoughtfulperson

    I am sorry you believed Trudeau. We tweeted to each other and I TOLD you he was not to be trusted as the LIberals always pretend to be progressive but end up doing exactly what was on the CONS Agenda. You should have voted NDP at least THEN it would have been decriminalized.