Kelowna Sees Two New Cannabis Shops Opening

A number of new cannabis dispensaries are opening across the country and there are now two more cannabis shops expected to be set-up in Kelowna, British Columbia. The cannabis dispensaries once they are completed are going to bring the total of cannabis dispensaries in the area to five. And most of these businesses are allegedly operating without any business license.

Trudeau hasn’t finished establishing his version of legalization for the country yet and the cannabis dispensaries are operating in a sort of legal limbo until more gets sorted out. While the cannabis dispensaries are illegal if they don’t have the proper licenses, there still remain a large number that are operating across the country. Not only that, but new dispensaries are closing and opening all the time.

The mayor in Kelowna, Colin Basran, said that he is concerned about the growing number of pot shops, as other representatives have similarly voiced in the past. But despite their concerns, the people continue to support the growth of the cannabis market up north. For those that are operating currently, Basran says that it isn’t because they are looked upon favorably. And while they might remain untouched for awhile, that might not always be the case. “That may be what it looks like on the outside but inside city hall we’re doing the best we can with the tools we have under our legislative authority to shut [them down] or to stop them from operating,” said Basran. The more that dispensaries get targeted, the more the public has voiced concerns with their impatience for Trudeau to follow through with his promise of legalization.