LCBO Union Pressing Retailer to Begin Preparing for Cannabis Sales

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario said it has done no research into recreational cannabis sales, and will do nothing until the government fully legalizes it, but that hasn’t stopped the union representing its workers to push for work to begin now.

With politicians like Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Liberal cannabis legalization project head MP Bill Blair both supporting cannabis sales through the government liquor retailer, OPSEU president Warren Thomas said he the LCBO should being work on selling cannabis immediately.

“If Kathleen Wynne is serious about being ready for [legalization], she should give them the green light to start now,” Thomas said. “Come up with the business model and then there are options for the politicians.”

Thomas said workers he represents through the OPSEU want to begin working to study how the operation might sell cannabis once legalized, but the LCBO said it hasn’t begun any research. 

LCBO spokesman Christine Bujold said the agency has done no work on studies around selling cannabis and will continue to watch the legalization process progress.

“Non-medical marijuana is not currently legally sold and it would be up to the federal authorities to decriminalize recreational marijuana,” she said. “Should that occur LCBO would take direction from the provincial government as to any role for LCBO in the retailing of marijuana.”