Former Liberal Candidate Joy Davies

Liberal Candidate Resigns Over Pro-Marijuana Comments

A Liberal candidate has resigned in a key BC riding over pro-marijuana comments she posted on Facebook.

Joy Davies’ decision comes after Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said her view on the merits of marijuana does not reflect official party policy.

Davies had made several statements about pot online, including arguing that the Canadian Cancer Society purposefully avoids research on the links between cannabis and treating cancer because it is an “outlet for big pharma.”  She also suggested that cannabis cures skin cancer.

Canadian Cancer Society spokesperson Alisa Gloag rejected Davies’ suggestion that a plant won’t be considered in research because it can’t be patented.

“The patentability of a potential cancer drug or therapy is not considered in our review process,” she said.

Davies has also voiced her support for home-cultivation of cannabis. She posted in 2013: “There is NO HARM in our children being in a home where cannabis is growing.”

Even though the Liberal Party advocates legalization, it confirmed in a statement that, “Ms. Davies’ views in no way reflect the values or policies of the Liberal Party of Canada.”

Party leader Justin Trudeau reiterated that, “The Liberal Party took the position we have to control and regulate marijuana primarily for one reason. Mr. Harper’s approach is currently not protecting our children.”

Thursday evening Davies announced on Facebook that, “After much consideration, I have decided to resign as the Liberal candidate for South Surrey-White Rock, effective immediately.”

Joy Davies is a founding member of the Canadian Medical Cannabis Partners Society and a medical cannabis user.

The Liberals will now need to replace Davies in South Surrey-White Rock before the federal election. In 2011, the Conservative Party won the seat with 53 per cent of the vote, leaving the Liberals at a little over 19 per cent