Activist Dana Larsen’s attempt to reacquaint Liberal MPs with the pleasant effects of cannabis over the holiday season has been met by the government with less than a pleasant response.

The Sensible BC director mailed out packages to all Liberal MPs with a copy of his book, Cannabis in Canada – The Illustrated History, along with a gram of dried cannabis.

As MPs returned to office after the holidays and began receiving the packages the Liberal Whip was prompted to send out an email telling those that were mailed the gifts get in touch with police.

“It is not recommended that you dispose of the material yourself, or return it to its sender,” the email read.

Northumberland-Peterborough South MP Kim Rudd’s office followed the instructions from Ottawa and contacted local police in Cobourg who, according to Cobourg police constable Khoby Langdon will likely destroy the cannabis and keep the remainder of the package as evidence.

Larsen took to Facebook to say he’s pleased with the amount of attention his project has received so far, and hopes it continues to generate discussion on cannabis policy in the country.

“Some of the Liberal MPs have called in the RCMP to take away their free gram of cannabis,” Larsen wrote. “But this MP in Ontario also gave the RCMP his free book, as “evidence.” I hope the officers pass it around the police station and maybe learn about the wonderful history of cannabis in Canada.”

At least one MP has ignored the government’s recommendation though. On his Twitter account, Beaches-East York MP Nate Erskine-Smith thanked Larsen for the gift, but said he hadn’t yet smoked it.

“On a serious note, thousands of Canadians are charged every year for marijuana possession,” Erskine-Smith wrote. “A sensible policy is long overdue.”

  • Réal Guy

    What? Zero interventions nearly a full working week later, i must be dreaming!

    Really, i wish to express appreciation to mister Larsen for obtaining clear feedback from Justin’s Liberals. Too bad the bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionni$t$ will be ready when UNGA$$ 2016 arrives next mid-April, while the good guys will probably fail saving the day, unless somebody in some exceptional situation like Marc Garneau eventually chooses to stand up and request scientific examination of the whole, euh… MiniPET “Mari-caca” project… ’cause, really… Too bad but i simply can’t believe the number of times this fresh-new MP will pronounce this abject word and never use the real name, which is cannabis, with variances if he must.

    In any case, i imagine if an astronaut should start speaking as deputee and minister in parliament to offer his voice in behalf of those Canadians who got largely ignored, so far that it might give them hope again. Because i figure science at UN’s party would get serious echo compared to twisted mind games (e.g. “legalize” vs “legaleeze”). At that point i say try to forsee how bad it will go, who knows people securely tagged and documented like dangerous animals, for example… At least that’s what i can see in my story-teller crystal ball right now: blood, physical and/or psychologic abuse from individuals with socially “toxic” attitudes. Time to strip cops of their guns, give them rubber sticks and pepper instead!!

    In the name of children exactly…

    I mean, there’s been way too much so-called “Tough-Love”, “Fix-my-Kid” stuff, etc., amen!…

    { Fills empty space here! }

    M’well, my guess is in Ottawa mister Garneau shall be welcome to point out anytime he wants that maybe, considering the contaminated statistics piling up after decades of decadent bigotry, euh… that it may actually happen to be just the right thing to do for a deputee with excellent scientific background to argue it’s time for us the Canadian people to give “Durable-Love” a fair try at last, instead of trying to fix “Tough-Love” again: been there, done that is a familiar adage… Yet, persons get hurt and worst, etc.

    I’m sure we’ve all heard the disturbing stories that undermines public confidence about its institutions, whatever… So, after traveling above terrestrial space it must be no anxiogenic challenge for an astronaut to simply call for debate in Ottawa when it’s all too clear the prohibitionnist machine runs at full regime like there’s no tomorow out there…

    But i’m dreaming of a fantasy again!

    Good day, have fun!! 😉