Livestreaming goes to Pot with Toke.Tv

Toke.Tv is aiming to be the cannabis community’s go-to platform for interactive video and livestreaming. The Los Angeles-based company, formerly known as Toke With, is moving fast to capitalize on what they see as an underserved niche. With the legal cannabis market in the US projected to be $24.5 billion by 2020, they’re getting in early.

On Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook, cannabis content creators live in constant fear knowing that their content and even accounts could be taken down at any moment. The policies differ, but they aren’t very cannabis-friendly at all.

So Toke.Tv is creating a space where the cannabis community can connect through live video without the constant fear of policy violations.

It was inspired by Twitch, a platform that lets you watch people play video games live that attracts over 45 million gamers a month. The only problem is Twitch actively “discourages broadcasting the use of cannabis on our services”, as their PR Director told Mashable.

On the business side, Toke.Tv offers a ready-made market for dispensaries and cannabis businesses with major advertising opportunities, especially in the face of marketing restrictions in Canada and beyond.

In the beginning of August, it was reported that Toke.Tv had over 15,000 users, including some Insta-famous cannabis celebrities like Dabbing Granny and the Stoned Gamer, with 398k and 34.8k followers on Instagram, respectively. That’s not bad considering Toke.Tv just celebrated its first birthday last April.

Toke.Tv is currently in beta, and available for free on iOS and Android.



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