Lori’s Tips On Trimming

One of the best things that came out of my excellent adventure with Ashtree in San Francisco, was my new found friendship with Lori and Russ at The Delta 9 house. A healthcare facility administrator and successful founder of Southern Oregon Norml, Lori Duckworth has been a cannabis activist for over 20 years. She has cured her own cancer by growing exquisite cannabis and creating healing products. She calls it the life plant and treats it as a precious gift… who better to ask for tips on trimming…

1, Wash your hands! It might seem like this goes with out saying. Or, you might be thinking eh, whatever… just do it. Wash your hands!

2, Put a white sheet down over a small table and spread it evenly on the floor where you will trim. This will catch any runaways, make clean up easy and provide a white background to help you see what you are doing.

3, Get 2 big paper bags and fold the top of the bags down. Folding the bags this way will keep them propped up and open so that you can hold the stem, trim the leaves into one bag while cutting bud off the stem into the other. If you drop any, the white sheet will catch it.

4, Cut big stems down to smaller, easy to work with stems. The sheet covered table is the perfect place to put those smaller stems so that they don’t mix with large stocks, preserving the integrity of the bud.

5, Don’t waste your time with outrageously small buds. How can you tell? If you can squeeze it and at minimum, it feels like a small grape, its perfect. Anything less, toss it in with the trim for cooking. (note: Lori’s trim is ridiculous and covered with crystals… I would just smoke it.)

6, Clean your sticky fingers with a paste of olive oil and sugar. Its natural, effective and can be collected for you to  use in an edible, like a smoothie.

“I have touched these plants since they were babies. I touched them throughout their growth and used this touch to ensure they were healthy. I believe its important to complete the process and finish it by trimming them with your own healing touch.”