A cannabis legalization task force is apparently required before the federal government can remove cannabis from the criminal code.

We know Liberal MP Anne McLellan will be on the task force. Legalization czar Bill Blair won’t, but he’ll be the commanding officer in the operation.

The Emerys won’t be on it, and I don’t see the Cannabis Growers of Canada having a seat on it either.

What about cannabis activist-lawyers John Conroy or Kirk Tousaw?

Kirk met with Bill Blair. Was it about this task force? What is it about preserving a craft cannabis “wine model” here in BC?

Mr. Tousaw is not at liberty to say, his office told me.

So far, the legalization debate has occurred behind closed doors.

Meetings where the Liberal Party holds an upper hand — the right to initiate force on cannabis farmers and connoisseurs, in ways that are legitimate in the eyes of the public.

Majority rule needs counterbalance, a political party drunk with power has already plunged taxpayers billions into the red. Now, like its predecessor, it seems content with the drug war, albeit with more public support.

If anything, demand for a wine model is great news for Blair.

While the governments implements strict controls that treat the plant like heroin, tax revenue from LP weed can go toward the — as promised — crackdown on organized crime, meaning, us, the BC Bud market.

The fact that we exist is great news for federal funding. The drug war has meant steady employment for police.

But, it’s not all doom and gloom, because the cannabis movement is very loud, which isn’t a good thing for Blair.

While the media parrots logical fallacies about the children, they’re slowly getting around to distinguishing between real organized crime (e.g. motorcycle gangs) and the peaceful people who farm and dispense cannabis.

So, if a task force is what we need, then allow me to make my recommendations:

  1. Remove cannabis from the criminal code.
    2. Delegate the details of this decision to the provinces and territories
    3. Recommend the provinces and territories delegate the cannabis decision to municipalities
    4. Highly recommend that the municipality hand their cannabis jurisdiction over to newly formed public service companies, where each company is owned by local taxpayers, and with ownership of shares proportional to the burden the democratic state has placed upon them.
    5. Details of recommendation #4 will be forth-coming in the new policy paper, “Make Canada Great Again: How to Dismantle the Corrupt Canadian Government and Run the Nation as if We Actually Own the Place.
  • RonThugnot

    In 1968, when governments all over the Western world were teetering in the face of pressure being brought to bear by anti-war, anti-racist and proto-feminist movements powered by the young, the unions (remember unions?) and in wonderfully disproportionate numbers, Black people, voices of what purported to be ‘reason’ calmed us all down and preached accommodation with authority. After all, the Vietnam war was clearly going to be stopped, racism was in retreat, and women could actually expect to be listened to when they spoke, rather than sneered at. So we accommodated. The result was the election of a nasty criminal gang headed by Nixon, and the ushering in of a right wing reaction all over the West that has ended with .0001% of the population running the world and owning it, all of it. Why the history lesson? Because “requesting” anything from political authority is misguided, just as it was misguided to believe in accommodation back in ’68. Obdurate, unbending decades-long opposition to the insane – literally insane – prohibitions regarding our self-evident right to grow and use as much or as little cannabis as we damn well please, wherever and whenever we choose to do so, are the ONLY reasons authority is even considering any kind of de-criminalization of the plant. Add to that unbending opposition a liberal sprinkling of derision and disdain for lunatics like Anne Whatsits and Bill ‘Fuck Their Right Of Assembly’ Blair, and a mountain of same for Bust ‘Em All Until I Damn Well Say So’ Prime Manipulator Turdo and maybe, just maybe, something will be accomplished other than giving control of the plant to a bunch of sleazy hustler-capitalists. Request nothing. Demand, and don’t stop demanding until they break.

  • TorontosaurusEx

    Well, I’ve done it.
    Sent a long winded letter to Jane Philpott to throw my hat in to the three ring circus of capitalists and prohibitionists. Clearly stated to her was the need for end-users to be at the table as well as covering succinctly to conflicts of interest already present in recently named person heading up this committee.
    Let’s see if we even get a response.
    I urge anyone with an ATP or PPL to come forth and write her proclaiming yourself as a qualified expert.
    Read up on the fact that there is a concerted push for monopolization taking place quietly…
    The entity is known as Canopy Growth Corporation and they are quickly absorbing LP startups under one mighty umbrella. Like the KAIJU (Pacific Rim) or the BORG (StarTrek)