New CBD water products launched at the Arnold Sports Festival

PURA and Alkame Holdings are launching a second CBD-infused bottled water product at Arnold Schwarzenegger upcoming annual Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH beginning March 2.

Both EVERx CBD Infused Bottled Water and EVERx Alkaline Bottled Water will be launched at the Arnold.

The Arnold Sports Festival USA was founded in 1989 and now features more than 18,000 athletes from 80 nations competing in 70 sports and events.

Number three-ranked UFC women’s bantamweight fighter Julianna Peña will be the brand spokesperson for both products.

ALKM’s patented technology breaks down the hydrogen bonds, reducing water’s cluster size and providing a more efficient delivery system for the CBD. The ALKM technology also includes an optimal alkaline pH level formulated with antioxidants and electrolytes so that the water can deliver most effective hydration available.