New Clinic Opens In Sudbury

In spite of the confusion over when legalization will happen and all of the raids happening lately, new cannabis shops are still popping up all the time. A new medical cannabis clinic has now opened up in Sudbury, Otario.

The clinic is named Bodystream Medical Marijuana Services, and co-owner Brian Warner says that they are currently open. “We’re operational now and will have signage up within the next couple of weeks. We’re like any other doctor’s office, but specialized, so we can steer you towards what you need,” Warmer said.

The clinic will provide doctor’s assessments through telemedicine, and then help with the delivery of LP cannabis. Warner describes it, “Any doctor can prescribe it. It’s not technically a specialty. But we have doctors who are willing to prescribe and who are trained in this area.”

This will be the ninth location for Bodystream, and Warner says that their focus has always been on the medical use of cannabis. “We’re trying to treat this like any other medication. We’re not trying to encourage the pot community. Even with our branding, you’ll see there’s no big marijuana leaf,” Warner commented.

This clinic won’t have any doctors on site, instead using telemedicine. Warner explains “We have a team of doctors, who are all basically specialists and family physicians, and we’ll connect you using telemedicine. So it will be like a regular appointment, except on the other side of the desk, instead of the doctor physically sitting there, it’s going to be a large monitor. But we will still have nurses and admin staff doing all the regular things.”

This is not the first clinic to pop up in Sudbury and more will likely follow.