New inhaler lets doctors administer cannabis remotely

The world of medical cannabis prescriptions just got a lot more precise thanks to a new gadget created in Israel.

Syqe Medical — a tech startup based in Tel Aviv — has come up with a new inhaler that allows doctors to prescribe precise doses of cannabis and even administer it remotely.

Made with 3D-printing technology, the inhaler comes in two variations—one for individuals and another for hospitals. The latter version includes a care-giver interface and allows for remote dosing, and it was created for use in pain clinics, cancer centers, and intensive care units.

The pocket-size gadgets come pre-loaded with 100-microgram cannabis cartridges, plus thermal and flow controllers, lung interfacing, and wireless connectivity to a clinical database that serves physicians, researchers and health care entities.

The inhaler was recently approved by the Israel Health Ministry, and has been in use for a year at a hospital in Haifa.

“For doctors, the inhaler solves the problem of prescribing plants for smoking, and offers a solution for patients in that, for the first time, they will be able to receive a precise dose of medical cannabis,” said Syqe Medical chairman Eytan Hyam.

The device will allow precise control over dosage, tailored to patients and their pain, while also minimizing the psychoactive effects.

Israel’s reputation as a high-tech hub and a lax regulatory environment has allowed the startup nation to become a leader in cannabis technology, with dozens of local firms focusing on the medical field. The international medical cannabis market is forecast to be worth approximately $20 billion within a decade.